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Our Spring Alumni Events Update, Pt. 2

April 17th, 2014

Last week in Colorado, our alumni chapter did a doubleheader with two alumni events in one day! We so appreciate our chapter team and all the work they put into the events last Saturday. Here are the highlights:

Colorado Springs, CO, event at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.

DSC_0026On the morning of Saturday, April 12, the Colorado chapter kicked off the weekend by hosting a private tour of the U.S. Olympic Training Center for alumni in the area. They kept the event free by asking alumni to bring a sack lunch, and they started the event with a time of fellowship together in a reserved room before the tour started at noon.

Creative element: A tour! The Colorado chapter had a good turnout [More...]

Our Spring Alumni Events Update

April 10th, 2014

Phew! It is a busy spring event season for us in the Alumni Office. Here are some updates from our chapter events last weekend – their event elements are excellent examples to follow for your own planning!

Dallas, TX, Chapter event hosted at Southwestern SeminaryIMG_2070

On April 3, we hosted an alumni event at the conference center at Southwestern Seminary. Their staff was tremendously helpful as we planned long-distance, and even with tornado warnings and killer traffic, we still had a great turnout!

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CU at the Ballpark!

April 1st, 2014

Yesterday, we observed an unofficial American holiday: Opening Day 2014, the official kick-off to the regular baseball season! With major and minor league teams located in cities across the United States, baseball games are great event ideas for the summer.

Baseball events are popular choices for our chapter leadership teams, so we seem to host several each year. One summer, we even planned a “Cheer On Your Hometown Heroes” baseball event series, where we hosted 10 alumni baseball events in cities across the Midwest!

With our experience in baseball events, we’d like to share some tips for you to consider as you plan your own baseball event (this summer, maybe?):

1. Ticket sales: Baseball organizations have [More...]

How Chapter Leaders Can Share Cedarville with Prospective Students

March 28th, 2014

CU-Friday2014Today at Cedarville, we’re welcoming 700 guests on campus for CU Friday. Our admissions recruitment days are always a blast, and prospective students and parents gain so much from experiencing campus life with us. However, as a chapter leader, you will have the chance to bring Cedarville University to prospective students in your own area!

Any time you are planning a chapter event, consider opportunities to connect with prospective students in your area and encourage them to attend. [More...]

The 5 Most Important Points for Choosing Your Venue

March 21st, 2014

venueIt’s like they say: location, location, location! 

A major piece of the event planning puzzle is choosing your venue.  Making sure the venue fits your guests’ needs and event goals is important when planning a successful alumni event.  Here are five points to consider when you are deciding on the perfect venue for your event!

1. How many guests will the venue hold?  When making decisions about where to host alumni, always make sure the space you choose allows room for alumni to feel comfortable.  When your guests feel like they have room to move freely and mingle with ease, the atmosphere becomes pleasant and enjoyable. However, on the other side, [More...]

Traveling with the Alumni Association is the way to go (anywhere!)

March 10th, 2014

563043_10151268312555998_1687684706_nConfession: one of my dreams is to work with a chapter team to plan a group travel event. For now, I’m practicing with the Alumni Cruise: we are elbow-deep preparing for the 2015 Friends for Life Cruise to the sunny Western Caribbean.  Such a learning experience for me!

I have really enjoyed figuring out how to share what the experience is like to alums who, like myself, may be first-time cruisers. Group travel definitely seems intimidating. So, to encourage some of you to plan a travel event, here are some great reasons I’ve learned for why travel is the way to go (literally anywhere):

It’s like summer camp all over again. Spending extended periods together on group excursions allows guests to [More...]

Spice Up Your Event with a Special Speaker

March 5th, 2014

1402438_10151750041045998_2141218518_oYou’ve got a great venue, delicious food, and a conflict-free date all lined up for your next chapter event. You’re feeling pretty good about your event elements, but want “something special” to draw a crowd. Simple solution: request a guest speaker!

At a loss for who to invite? Allow me to offer some suggestions:

Favorite faculty members: Cedarville University has been blessed with many faithful professors who dedicated thirty, forty, even fifty years to teaching. I think of Professor Ed Spencer or Dr. Rob Gromacki (who incidentally is one of our special guests on the 2015 Friends for Life Cruise). [More...]

How to Respond to the Toughest Objections for Joining Chapter Leadership

February 24th, 2014

859411_10151286058910998_1750242932_o“Sorry, I am too busy right now!”

Does that sound familiar? The Alumni Office works with a volunteer base of several hundred people who help us with Homecoming reunions and regional and chapter events. With so many volunteer needs, we can count on many questions when we ask people to consider volunteering their time, and we know that our chapter leaders will, too.

Here are some of the most common questions about joining a Chapter Leadership Team and how you can respond!

  1. I had no idea we had an alumni chapter… The first step to gaining volunteers is letting people know you’re here! [More...]

4 Ways to Keep Your Chapter Members Engaged Online

February 19th, 2014

IMG_4033Do you know where your phone is, right this very second? Chances are it’s sitting right next to you. That constant connection is important to you! Guess what – it’s important to your alumni as well. You’ve just now realized how essential cracking into that constant connection is, but it may seem a bit scary. Fear not! It can be done, and we’ll trek through together.

  1. Figure out where they are: With so many social media platforms, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where your chapter members are spending most of their time.  Younger people tend to stick more towards mobile-driven sites, like Instagram and Twitter, whereas the older generation loves catching up over Facebook. When the average American is spending over 6 hours on mobile and desktop internet, it’s important to reach them where they’re at.
  2. Know when they’re online: It may sound creepy, but it’s important to be wary of when your chapter members are online. [More...]

6 Tips for A Perfect Young Alumni Event (for Singles!)

February 11th, 2014

cu singles

A few weeks ago, we shared a post on considerations for a family-friendly alumni event. However, we promised to come back with tips on planning events that may appeal for single and younger alumni. This week, we deliver!

Are there quite a few singles in your alumni chapter?  Perfect!  This makes for great opportunities in creating events for your members. Conversation and an intentional focus on community is key to a successful alumni event for those who are single and looking to connect with fellow CU alumni.   Whether you are interested in trying a singles-only alumni event, or you would like to create an event that is simply single-friendly, listed below are some ideas for striking that balance in your event!

1. What’s special about your location?  Do your members live close to the Fort Worth Stockyards or The White House?  Would your members enjoy climbing and hiking the mountains near their Colorado homes or appreciate a night of country music in their backyard of Nashville?  Take advantage of those unique-to-your-area experiences and enjoy them with other alums! [More...]