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Year-End Giving: Investing in Future Chapter Members

December 9th, 2013

Today’s guest post comes from Jason Holmes. Jason is currently a Second Year student in the Pharmacy Graduate Program at Cedarville University. He serves as a student worker in the Alumni Relations Office and a student caller at Phonathon.

December is here, and many families are trying to make decisions about year-end giving.  However, the buzz words fundraising and giving can bring a sense of anxiety, unease or annoyance to many a person’s ears.  It might be natural to assume that the resources given are directed towards the organization.  In reality, the donations are being given to individuals, with actual stories and tangible needs.  A gift is a blessing to people.

I have personally been blessed through each avenue of giving at Cedarville.  I received a very generous scholarship from the University, which enabled me to attend and greatly alleviated the financial burden on my family and me.

A few people, who had never met me, felt compelled to give to this Christ-centered institution that they were confident would mold into a man after God’s own heart and prepare me to enter the work force as a competent pharmacy professional.  I am overwhelmingly grateful for the generosity of these individuals which enables me to be here.  I have also been privileged to work as a student caller at Phonathon.  Calling alumni and exchanging stories with each of them is one of the most enjoyable parts of each week!  It is wonderful to hear how God is moving in their lives, and helping them to respond to His calling to give is such an added bonus!  Finally, I have also elected to give to Cedarville through a class scholarship initiative.  How could I not, when I think about the generosity that was bestowed to me, and how I am inspired weekly by numerous alumni who also choose to give back?  I am confident that my gift to an Urban Student Scholarship will benefit future students for years to come.

With this in mind, perhaps alumni chapters could begin investing in “future members” – current students from each respective region – learning about how God is working in their lives at Cedarville and hearing about the impact that student scholarships have made for them.  Chapters’ members could also consider giving to Cedarville through any of the following:

  • The Cedarville Fund: gifts towards the Cedarville Fund support all the things that make the Cedarville experience unique for students: daily chapel, the Bible minor, community ministries, and scholarships for students with financial needs.
  • Student scholarships: individuals’ generosity keeps Cedarville within reach for many students.
  • One might even enjoy hearing about how a scholarship enabled a student to attend Cedarville – simply pick up the phone when Cedarville students call.  Through Phonathon, you will be inspired as you hear what God is doing at Cedarville through students, and students will be inspired to learn what God is doing in the lives of our alumni.
  • Lastly, another meaningful and easy way to become involved in giving at Cedarville is through bequests.  There are a variety of options, all of which can be tailored to fit the desires and needs of both the donor and the recipient(s) of the planned gift.

To learn more about what an amazing impact a gift to Cedarville University can make, or to give today, please visit Giving on the Cedarville webpage.

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