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4 Reasons to Host a CU Alumni Athletic Event

January 7th, 2014

Rita's picToday’s post is provided by Coordinator for Regional Alumni Events & Services, Rita Heaton ’12. Rita oversees the alumni chapter program in the Alumni Relations Office.

Happy New Year!

Alumni Relations kicked off 2014 by hosting our first alumni event of the year right here in Cedarville, Ohio. We had a great time cheering the Men’s and Women’s Jackets basketball teams to victory for their first home games of the year, then celebrating together by catering Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Delta Alpha Epsilon (DAE) joined us as part of their Winter Retreat.

I personally am a big fan of Jackets basketball, and I love hosting alumni gatherings around athletic events. Here are four reasons why you should consider centering your next alumni event around a Yellow Jackets game.

  1. Athletic events appeal to alumni of all ages. For college athletic events, ticket prices for children are typically discounted or free, and every alum has memories of attending Cedarville athletic events… unless we’re talking about football, of course.
  2. Our teams need fan support at away games. Cedarville’s athletics recently moved to NCAA Division II, which is awesome, but also means that we are facing a much tougher schedule. Yellow Jackets fans in the stands at away games can make a huge difference for the team’s confidence on the road!
  3. Partnering with athletics is a great opportunity for alumni to meet current student athletes. When we host alumni events at games, it provides a very neat way for alumni to meet current students. For example, on our event on January 4th, the Men’s Basketball team joined us after the game for dinner, and Coach Pat Estepp took some time to speak to the alumni group about what the Men’s team has been learning this season.
  4. Hosting alumni athletic events is easy. When you plan an event around a game, many details of the event-planning process automatically fall into place. You already have the questions of venue, parking, and pricing answered for you! All you have to do is consider what to do before or after the game to ensure that alumni have time to meet each other and talk – close restaurants or catering are great options to facilitate interaction time.

Be sure to check the Cedarville University Athletics page frequently to see if the Yellow Jackets will be coming your way any time soon! I would love to work with you to plan your next alumni gathering at a sports event.

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