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4 Considerations for a Family-Friendly Alumni Event

January 20th, 2014

DSCN4269In Cedarville’s Alumni Association, nearly one-third of our alumni have graduated in the last ten years! With so many of our alumni in their mid-twenties and early thirties, it’s no surprise that we see so many young children at our events. Since I work on a college campus, I love the change of pace of going to events and interacting with our alumni’s kids – or as I like to think of them, future CU alums. Class of 2032?

As chapter leaders, you can serve the alumni in your area by considering how to make your events more family-friendly:

1. Offer activity-based events. I don’t know where kids get their energy from, but they always seem to be on the move! Active events where you can focus kids’ energy help free parents to get to know other alumni in attendance.

Examples: roller-skating, ice-skating, bowling, children’s museums, & putt-putt

2. Head outdoors. Once the weather starts warming up, kids want to be outside. After enjoying food with the alumni group, they can head off for a game of tag, and the adults can hang out or hear an update from a Cedarville representative about what’s new on campus.

Examples: picnics, pool days, & zoo trips

3. Plan an informal format or childcare. Another way to appeal to families is simply to offer an informal event format. Rather than a formal banquet or dessert reception, why not head over to Chick-fil-A so that the kids can enjoy the play area?

Examples: grill-outs at a house & restaurants with play places

4. Family-friendly pricing. Sometimes, the biggest obstacle for young families coming to your event is simply the cost to register for each person. You can help them out by offering a discount for children or a set price for families over a certain number of people.

Examples: An event with pricing set at $5 per person or $20 for families of 4 or more; an event with $5 per adult or $3 per child under 12 years old

Ultimately, your chapter team must decide your goals and target group for each event. And you singles out there? Don’t worry: I’m planning a post soon about our young alumni programming directed towards what¬†you might find fun at an event!

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