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Get To Know A DAE Member: Karen Holman

January 27th, 2014

karenDelta Alpha Epsilon (DAE) is a student service organization dedicated to serving Cedarville University’s alumni. DAE assists the Alumni Association with chapter and regional events, Homecoming, and various other needs around the Alumni Relations Office. Students must reapply each spring to be a member of this highly selective organization.

To Cedarville University Alumni, fellow students, and alumni blog junkies: Hello. My name is Karen, to which most people reply, “That’s my Mom’s name.” So, if that is your mother’s name, I am honored. I was born the youngest of four girls to missionary parents in the Philippines, Steve (’77) and Kris (‘79) Holman.

Of all the hand-me-downs I had throughout my childhood, my green sleeved Cedarville College t-shirt was definitely the most loved and most fought over.  As a kid, I never had visions of going to Cedarville, I didn’t dream about eating in Chucks or what living in Printy would be like, I really just loved that t-shirt. Thankfully, Cedarville over looked my past indifference and accepted me anyway.  

That is what Cedarville has done for me in the last three years; pulled me out of neutral. When I came here, I knew how to learn but I didn’t know how to think. My Spiritual Formation class freshman year at Cedarville was the first time a teacher did not want me to just give a correct answer, but question the answers I already knew.

DAE has been a massive part of my growth at Cedarville. Whether around their dining room table or on a park bench, alumni have blessed me with their stories and humbled me with their graciousness. I also love giving people free t-shirts, everybody loves t-shirts.

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