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How to Respond to the Toughest Objections for Joining Chapter Leadership

Monday, February 24th, 2014

859411_10151286058910998_1750242932_o“Sorry, I am too busy right now!”

Does that sound familiar? The Alumni Office works with a volunteer base of several hundred people who help us with Homecoming reunions and regional and chapter events. With so many volunteer needs, we can count on many questions when we ask people to consider volunteering their time, and we know that our chapter leaders will, too.

Here are some of the most common questions about joining a Chapter Leadership Team and how you can respond!

  1. I had no idea we had an alumni chapter… The first step to gaining volunteers is letting people know you’re here! (more…)

4 Ways to Keep Your Chapter Members Engaged Online

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

IMG_4033Do you know where your phone is, right this very second? Chances are it’s sitting right next to you. That constant connection is important to you! Guess what – it’s important to your alumni as well. You’ve just now realized how essential cracking into that constant connection is, but it may seem a bit scary. Fear not! It can be done, and we’ll trek through together.

  1. Figure out where they are: With so many social media platforms, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where your chapter members are spending most of their time.  Younger people tend to stick more towards mobile-driven sites, like Instagram and Twitter, whereas the older generation loves catching up over Facebook. When the average American is spending over 6 hours on mobile and desktop internet, it’s important to reach them where they’re at.
  2. Know when they’re online: It may sound creepy, but it’s important to be wary of when your chapter members are online. (more…)

6 Tips for A Perfect Young Alumni Event (for Singles!)

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

cu singles

A few weeks ago, we shared a post on considerations for a family-friendly alumni event. However, we promised to come back with tips on planning events that may appeal for single and younger alumni. This week, we deliver!

Are there quite a few singles in your alumni chapter?  Perfect!  This makes for great opportunities in creating events for your members. Conversation and an intentional focus on community is key to a successful alumni event for those who are single and looking to connect with fellow CU alumni.   Whether you are interested in trying a singles-only alumni event, or you would like to create an event that is simply single-friendly, listed below are some ideas for striking that balance in your event!

1. What’s special about your location?  Do your members live close to the Fort Worth Stockyards or The White House?  Would your members enjoy climbing and hiking the mountains near their Colorado homes or appreciate a night of country music in their backyard of Nashville?  Take advantage of those unique-to-your-area experiences and enjoy them with other alums! (more…)

Campus Update: Drs. Dixon & Jeremiah, Trustees and Alumni Council!

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014


Today’s post was provided by Ramsey McRory ’15, who serves on Delta Alpha Epsilon and contributes regularly to the Chapter Leadership Blog. Ramsey is a junior Nursing major from Haymarket, Virginia.

cu snow

The past few weeks have been an exciting time on campus!  Not only have we had several inches of snow and temperatures steady in the negatives and ones, but we’ve also had the opportunity to welcome back Dr. Paul Dixon, Cedarville’s Chancellor and 8th president, and Dr. David Jeremiah, to Cedarville!  (more…)