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Campus Update: Drs. Dixon & Jeremiah, Trustees and Alumni Council!

February 5th, 2014


Today’s post was provided by Ramsey McRory ’15, who serves on Delta Alpha Epsilon and contributes regularly to the Chapter Leadership Blog. Ramsey is a junior Nursing major from Haymarket, Virginia.

cu snow

The past few weeks have been an exciting time on campus!  Not only have we had several inches of snow and temperatures steady in the negatives and ones, but we’ve also had the opportunity to welcome back Dr. Paul Dixon, Cedarville’s Chancellor and 8th president, and Dr. David Jeremiah, to Cedarville! 

The student body had the opportunity to hear Dr. Dixon speak on 1 Cor. 4:6-7 and Dr. Jeremiah speak on the importance of God’s word in chapel.  Dr. Jeremiah also introduced his Cedarville Edition of the Jeremiah Study Bible (this Bible is being sold through the Campus Bookstore ~ check it out!).  It was special to see over 50 years of service to Cedarville University represented in these men.

We were also were  fortunate enough to have our Alumni Council around campus as they had their winter meetings.  Members of DAE  had the opportunity to be a part of the Alumni Council meetings and get to know the members on a more personal level.  Each member of the Alumni Council has both a heart for Cedarville University, it’s alumni and it’s students, so it was a great opportunity to learn about their experiences; both at Cedarville and what they are involved in currently.


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