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6 Tips for A Perfect Young Alumni Event (for Singles!)

February 11th, 2014

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A few weeks ago, we shared a post on considerations for a family-friendly alumni event. However, we promised to come back with tips on planning events that may appeal for single and younger alumni. This week, we deliver!

Are there quite a few singles in your alumni chapter?  Perfect!  This makes for great opportunities in creating events for your members. Conversation and an intentional focus on community is key to a successful alumni event for those who are single and looking to connect with fellow CU alumni.   Whether you are interested in trying a singles-only alumni event, or you would like to create an event that is simply single-friendly, listed below are some ideas for striking that balance in your event!

1. What’s special about your location?  Do your members live close to the Fort Worth Stockyards or The White House?  Would your members enjoy climbing and hiking the mountains near their Colorado homes or appreciate a night of country music in their backyard of Nashville?  Take advantage of those unique-to-your-area experiences and enjoy them with other alums!

2. Arts and Culture: How about an event at a museum or special exhibit?  Community festivals and local and national celebrations are all fun things to make into an alumni event and experience with each other! For example, our Louisville chapter is hosting a tailgate dinner event prior to the annual Louisville Balloon Glow in April – so creative and cost-effective for young alums!

3. International/Travel: Whether you would like to take a trip with your chapter or have a destination-themed event, an international focus is always a good time!  You could even have a missions focused event, invite missionaries to speak, or learn from other alums who have had experience internationally.

4. Career/Professional: Take an evening to network with similar professionals and career fields.  Invite alums to one location and have everyone enjoy each other’s company, and then split off into similar careers and interests for a while.  You could even invite local professionals that are not Cedarville alumni to the event!

5. Hobby-Focused: Maybe you’re passionate about football, knitting, baseball, film, Pinterest-crafting, or volunteering at the animal shelter.  Whatever your hobbies are, there’s a good chance alumni from your area are either avid fans or interested in learning!  Have several smaller-scaled events that focus on the hobbies of your chapter members!

6. Culinary Night: Go out to the new 5 star, enjoy a Pot-Luck (check out for a great resource !), or have someone teach a cooking class!  Get together over a great meal and catch up!

Whatever you decide for your event, getting alumni excited about re-connecting with each other, their time at Cedarville, and the event is what it’s all about!  So start planning that event, and invite all those Cedarville singles out there!

Today’s post was provided by Ramsey McRory ’15, who serves on Delta Alpha Epsilon and contributes regularly to the Chapter Leadership Blog. Ramsey is a junior Nursing major from Haymarket, Virginia.



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