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4 Ways to Keep Your Chapter Members Engaged Online

February 19th, 2014

IMG_4033Do you know where your phone is, right this very second? Chances are it’s sitting right next to you. That constant connection is important to you! Guess what – it’s important to your alumni as well. You’ve just now realized how essential cracking into that constant connection is, but it may seem a bit scary. Fear not! It can be done, and we’ll trek through together.

  1. Figure out where they are: With so many social media platforms, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where your chapter members are spending most of their time.  Younger people tend to stick more towards mobile-driven sites, like Instagram and Twitter, whereas the older generation loves catching up over Facebook. When the average American is spending over 6 hours on mobile and desktop internet, it’s important to reach them where they’re at.
  2. Know when they’re online: It may sound creepy, but it’s important to be wary of when your chapter members are online. There’s no use posting new content at 11:00pm if all of your users are asleep! Facebook Insights (found at the top of the Admin Panel) give direct information correlating to your users’ time of activity. Try posting similar content at different times of the day to see when it is best received. Each community behaves differently, so don’t be afraid of trial and error! You can’t post at the wrong time, but you can post at the right time!
  3. Keep their attention: You figured out where and when your users are most active, now it’s time to keep them engaged. Posts should draw the user in, but how? Photos are a great way to start – they attract 104% more comments than the average post, and draw an average engagement rate of 37%. Once you’ve drawn them in with a photo, keep them there with a question. Even something as simple as “What do you think?” opens the door for great conversation. Turning your page into an interactive area for chapter members also increases the chances for return visits. Think of Facebook like a real relationship – present yourself nicely, ask questions, stay engaged, and things should work out!
  4. Use every part of the buffalo: As a Chapter Leadership Member, you have the perk of posting not just to keep others engaged, but to inform and excite your users about upcoming events! With such exciting information, make sure you’re getting as much out of each event as possible. Social media’s instant accessibility allows for posts before, during, and after the event. Try posting a few photos as you set up the event to increase anticipation amongst members, posting 1-2 during the event to show others what you’re up to, and a whole album of candids after the event dust has settled.  Be sure to tag, comment, and pose questions with this new album – it’s a huge opportunity for member engagement! Utilize every different stage of your event, and the social media payoff will be better than anything you could expect.

Today’s post was provided by Heather Wismer ’15, a student worker in the Alumni Relations Office who manages our social media. Heather is a junior Marketing major from Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

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