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How to Respond to the Toughest Objections for Joining Chapter Leadership

February 24th, 2014

859411_10151286058910998_1750242932_o“Sorry, I am too busy right now!”

Does that sound familiar? The Alumni Office works with a volunteer base of several hundred people who help us with Homecoming reunions and regional and chapter events. With so many volunteer needs, we can count on many questions when we ask people to consider volunteering their time, and we know that our chapter leaders will, too.

Here are some of the most common questions about joining a Chapter Leadership Team and how you can respond!

  1. I had no idea we had an alumni chapter… The first step to gaining volunteers is letting people know you’re here! Utilize social media to make this task much easier. Write a short post on the chapter Facebook page asking for volunteers. Tweet the need to the chapter Twitter account. Send out personal emails detailing the need for volunteers and leaders in the teams. Mail newsletters to the chapter and include a note on how to become involved. Mention the need at reunions and events. Word of mouth can be monumental in raising awareness.
  2. Why should I join the team? Keep in mind that people already have busy lives. Therefore you must couple raising awareness with creating interest. By creating interest you make people want to become involved. Share with them the rewarding experiences you have had by serving on the CLT.  Serving on the CLT is an excellent way to meet people and continue life-long friendships, so make sure that your recruits know that!
  3. I’m not sure I can commit to anything else right now. People will be more hesitant to commit to something if they do not know the expectations. Establish a clear path of action for people to become involved, and consider offering different types of commitments for people with tight or unusual schedules. One person may handle the communication for the group, while another plans the specific details of an event. You can tailor involvement and commitments based on the needs of your chapter. It may look different in different chapters… and that’s okay!
  4. We would love to get involved, but we’re moving soon. Stop! Before you write them off as potential volunteers, be sure to follow up with them and find out where they’re heading. The Alumni Office has 29 chapters in 20 states, and we need volunteers in all of them! If nothing else, let us know who wants to be involved, and we’ll keep them in mind when we need volunteers for a regional event or Homecoming reunion.

The best advice we can give is to always be on the lookout for new leaders. Be an advocate for your team, both in your testimony and enthusiasm, and people will respond to what they observe from you. If they sense you’re enjoying the experience as an alumni chapter leader, they’ll be interested in getting involved!

Stay posted soon for how to identify good leaders for chapter teams!

Today’s post was provided by Hope Strayer ’14, who serves on Delta Alpha Epsilon at Cedarville University and has worked with chapter recruitment. Hope is a senior Music Performance major from Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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