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Spice Up Your Event with a Special Speaker

March 5th, 2014

1402438_10151750041045998_2141218518_oYou’ve got a great venue, delicious food, and a conflict-free date all lined up for your next chapter event. You’re feeling pretty good about your event elements, but want “something special” to draw a crowd. Simple solution: request a guest speaker!

At a loss for who to invite? Allow me to offer some suggestions:

Favorite faculty members: Cedarville University has been blessed with many faithful professors who dedicated thirty, forty, even fifty years to teaching. I think of Professor Ed Spencer or Dr. Rob Gromacki (who incidentally is one of our special guests on the 2015 Friends for Life Cruise). Professors who have served for decades at Cedarville draw interest from alumni across generations, so you can be sure they’ll appeal to a wide audience.

Experts in their fields: As a university, we have a brain trust of knowledgeable and qualified speakers for a diverse range of topics. My chapter leaders in Colorado (shout out to Erica and Mandy) in 2012 planned an alumni outing to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, and they invited Dr. John Whitmore, Professor of Geology, to present a biblical explanation of the rock formations. So creative! Check out for a full listing of speaker resources from Cedarville. These speakers are free of charge within a 3-hour radius of the university.

Key administrators on campus: For formal events, consider inviting a Cedarville trustee, vice president, or even our president. “Dr. White” events are typically complimentary and attract a large crowd. The president will also occasionally speak at churches. Be sure to request his appearance early in the event planning process to increase the likelihood of his availability!

Distinguished alums: Be mindful of the speaker resources you have in your own backyard – perhaps your chapter would be interested in hearing from fellow alums! For example, we are hosting an evening event in Denver with Michael Hidalgo ’98 to hear about his new book, Unlost. He pastors a church in Denver and is thankfully already on hand for the Colorado Chapter’s April event.

If you have any other ideas for special speakers, feel free to contact Alumni Relations!

Have you heard from any memorable speakers at an alumni event?

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