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Traveling with the Alumni Association is the way to go (anywhere!)

March 10th, 2014

563043_10151268312555998_1687684706_nConfession: one of my dreams is to work with a chapter team to plan a group travel event. For now, I’m practicing with the Alumni Cruise: we are elbow-deep preparing for the 2015 Friends for Life Cruise to the sunny Western Caribbean.  Such a learning experience for me!

I have really enjoyed figuring out how to share what the experience is like to alums who, like myself, may be first-time cruisers. Group travel definitely seems intimidating. So, to encourage some of you to plan a travel event, here are some great reasons I’ve learned for why travel is the way to go (literally anywhere):

It’s like summer camp all over again. Spending extended periods together on group excursions allows guests to know each other on deeper levels. This is especially true if the planners are intentional about adding activities to the itinerary that encourage conversation. Bonus: alumni who hit it off are more likely to sign up for the next alumni event to reconnect with each other!

Group rates, group rates, group rates! Hotels, sightseeing spots, eateries, and buses may offer special rates for groups. A huge plus of group travel for guests is the benefit of stretching their dimes to go further. The same itinerary, booked individually, could cost them hundreds of dollars more!

It’s vacation planning for dummies: No offense to anyone, but group travel agencies can make vacation planning really easy for you (and they’re probably better at it!). I get magazines from Group Travel Leader and am always amazed by the quality and variety of trips they plan.

P.S. Although the Friends for Life Cruise will be amazing and you definitely should join us, a group trip doesn’t have to be so far away from home! Plan to see the tulips in Holland (Michigan), get away for a couples’ retreat in the mountains of Kentucky, or even plan a long weekend at a hotel to experience Columbus, Ohio, in a relaxed setting.

So, pull out your calendars, pick up your phones, and start planning the next alumni event to some place amazing!

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