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CU at the Ballpark!

April 1st, 2014

Yesterday, we observed an unofficial American holiday: Opening Day 2014, the official kick-off to the regular baseball season! With major and minor league teams located in cities across the United States, baseball games are great event ideas for the summer.

Baseball events are popular choices for our chapter leadership teams, so we seem to host several each year. One summer, we even planned a “Cheer On Your Hometown Heroes” baseball event series, where we hosted 10 alumni baseball events in cities across the Midwest!

With our experience in baseball events, we’d like to share some tips for you to consider as you plan your own baseball event (this summer, maybe?):

1. Ticket sales: Baseball organizations have sales representatives who can assist you in purchasing group blocks of tickets. Every stadium is different, but you may find options for reserving a specific seating section, bleacher seats, box seats, lawn seats, or picnic pavilions. As you decide on the best ticket option for your group, consider your chapter alumni and what pricing and event setting they may enjoy.

2. Promotional event specials: Your ticket contact will also be able to advise you on different promotional specials or theme nights at the ball park. We have found that Faith Nights and $1 food specials have been very popular, and fireworks are always a fun way to close the night!

3. Facilitating group interactions: The drawback of baseball events is that the seating limits how much your alumni guests can interact. If you can find a picnic pavilion or lawn at the ballpark, those settings tend to lend themselves better to socializing. You can also try tailgating in the parking lot prior to the game.

If you need help brainstorming for your own alumni baseball event or want help thinking through your ticketing options, feel free to contact us at 1-888-CEDARVILLE!

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