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Crud Wars, an Island and Electric Camp?

July 26th, 2012

Tour is more than halfway over! Wow, it even feels strange to see that in writing. It’s been one big blur but amazingly awesome.  We just finished week 6 of tour. The last two weeks were spent at Spring Hill Camp in Seymour, Indiana and then Camp Patmos on Kelley’s Island, but I will talk about Spring Hill first. I had never been there before, but it was one of the most beautiful camps I’d ever seen! The kids arrived on Sunday night, and we hit the ground running. Even though we were primarily a part of the junior high camp, we actually had the opportunity to hang out with the senior high campers and elementary campers as well. That aspect of this week was really awesome because we got to hang out with as many campers as possible!

We got to take part in a ton of sweet activities at Spring Hill, from paintball to rock climbing to going down their water slide called “The Gusher.” They have something on their lake called “The Party Barge” which was literally a barge on the lake with blobs, water zip lines, and trapeze bars that you swing into the water. It really was a party on a barge. On Tuesday night, we got to take part in a competition called Crud Wars. The name pretty much says it all. Basically, we just got handfuls of paint, mud, shaving cream, horse feed, and cherry pie and just attacked each other with it. I’ve never been messier in my life, but it was well worth it to get to throw “crud” at campers and my HeartSong team members.


Another thing that was really awesome from this week at camp was the skits that the counselors put on each chapel session. They really hit home with a lot of issues that teens face today, and we got to meet in small groups with campers after each skit to discuss them. One of the days, I got to do the high ropes course with one of the junior high campers. God really showed up on that ropes course. I could tell she was really nervous when we started and wasn’t really sure if she wanted to do it. I got to step aside with her at the top of the course, pray with her, and talk with her about trusting the instructor, the ropes, and me and how that can relate to her walk with Christ. It was awesome to see her put her fears aside and trust in Christ, even with something as simple as completing a high ropes course. It was a really good reminder for me, too about how we need to trust Christ with everything and actually live that out: not just say we’re trusting Him when we really don’t. This camper ended up getting saved at the end of the week, which was so awesome and such an answer to prayer!

God is continually teaching us more and more each day, and we’ve gotten so much closer as a team. Being on HeartSong, you are just reminded every day how this life is not about you, at all. I honestly didn’t know what it really meant to serve until this summer. In John 3:30, it says “He must become greater, and I must become less.” We hear those words all the time and even sing them in one of our songs. It is such a simple phrase, but something I have to consciously remind myself each day. God has been constantly challenging me with this more every day of tour. I need to die to myself every day and follow Him, and I think that’s something I will always need to be continually striving for. I am so thankful for the lessons I’m learning, going to learn, and the ways God has used my team and me.

Worship times at Spring Hill

This past week, we were able to serve at Camp Patmos on Kelley’s Island right on Lake Erie. I have never seen more beautiful sunsets than I did when I was there! God’s hand in creation was so apparent everyday at this camp. We had a blast with campers biking around the island, playing games, worshipping in chapel and doing water sports on the lake all day. God broke down so many walls and began changing lives as soon as the first day of camp was over. About 10 kids got saved and so many more have made commitments for Christ! We were challenged everyday by Pastor Sean Koonce as he talked about surrendering to God’s will for our lives, being true disciples of Christ, and the steps needed to pursue holiness. This was an incredible week for us this summer, and it was so awesome to get to know the campers and the staff as we were poured into by them as well.

Creation at Camp Patmos

Now, we’re back home at CU for a week at Camp Electric! We’re so excited to be here and to see some big names in Christian music! If you have never heard about Camp Electric you can check them out here at! There’s only 2 weeks left of tour, but I hope to check back in soon!

In Christ,



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