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April 10th, 2013

“From age to age the same . . . He must win the battle.”

When I hear that line, my mind wanders to all the cathedrals I’ve visited around the world. I love visiting church buildings of any kind, but the overpowering beauty of the cathedral always intrigues me.  There is an awe-inspiring silence in these structures that encourages me to be still and know that He is God.  God’s presence and power seem so close and I feel connected to the millions of worshipers that gathered long before my existence.

On one of these visits I found myself alone, surrounded by the limestone arches and the story of the Gospel expressed on stained glass.  I soon heard my single voice breaking the silence to ring among the ancient walls connecting me to those that came before me.  In that time of worship I experienced our overpowering, indescribable God.  I was grateful that He humbled Himself so that I might somehow be with Him at that moment but I know that He desires more than just a string of individual moments.

He cannot be contained in a cathedral or captured in an order of service on any given Sunday.  We seek after Him with our hearts using any and all creative tools that He provides for us.  While my experience in a cathedral may assist me in my search for God, it does not insure that I find Him.

God is not a by-product of a building; He is the reason for it.

With this recording, we have endeavored to mix together new and old sounds, styles, and texts to encourage you as you seek Him.   My prayer is that somehow this simple CD project might assist you in listening for God’s still small voice and that you might realize He transcends time and space to connect to His children.  Our unchanging, yet very contemporary God is always eager to meet us right where we are.

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