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Impress From a Distance, Impact Up Close

April 18th, 2013

“My first summer on HeartSong, my team leader challenged me to have a five-minute one-on-one conversation with a camper. I thought this was kind of silly and was frustrated that this made our ministry seem more like a checklist. I met a girl whose name I don’t remember now and talked with her for 2 minutes, and mentally checked that off my list.  About a half hour later, both me and another girl got hurt at an activity; she hurt her head and I ripped off part of my toenail. We were driven up to the nurse’s station together and got fixed up in a matter of minutes, but we were both told to take it easy for the afternoon. We ended up going down to the waterfront and talking for almost 20 minutes! I asked her about her family and what God had been teaching her during the week. This conversation led to many other positive interactions throughout the week, and on the last day I was able to help her become more certain of her salvation and pray for her family and friends. She and I have been in contact over e-mail ever since!”

Deanna Ruman is a HeartSong member who has spent each of her summers at Lake Ann Camp, but her story is not rare. Director Brandon Waltz says it best when he states that a goal of the ministry of HeartSong is to “impress from a distance, and impact up close.”  What is done on the stage means nothing if it is not backed up in the moments with campers; whether through those interactions in the nurse’s office, at the lakeside or after a chapel service.  Deanna’s story is also not isolated to HeartSong, but can be easily translated to all Christians everywhere.  The Christian life is not a series of checklists used to appease a scorekeeping God.  No, the Christian life is about proclaiming the glory of God through everything we say and do and watching how He then shows up in tangible ways.

As HeartSong looks forward to a summer of impacting up close, we are thankful for the partnership we’ve had with Lake Ann and the way our teams have had the distinct opportunity of working alongside campers there for an entire summer.  “We have been so blessed by the work of HeartSong here at Lake Ann Camp. Their ministry creates a distraction-free environment where campers and staff have freedom to worship. We can’t wait to have them back here for this next summer to see how God is going to use them as a part of our summer camping program” says Joe Casteneda, Lake Ann’s Director of Communications.

God will continue to show up, just as He has so tangibly in summers past, as our teams keep pointing others to back to Him.  He is most worthy, and we cannot wait to proclaim that message daily as we serve this summer at Lake Ann Camp!


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