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Genuine Worship

April 20th, 2013

What does genuine worship look like? This is a question we are constantly
bombarded with as worship leaders and as Christians in general. Does genuine
worship mean raising your hands and closing your eyes? Does it mean not singing
unless the words really mean something to you? Does it mean an entire camp of kids
rushing the stage in an epic altar call? HeartSong team member, Sam DeLoye, shares
his thoughts on genuine worship:

“On Wednesday evening, for example, we were playing “Less,” and all of the campers
were sitting down. Once we got to the chorus, a camper in the front row jumped
up and lifted her hand in worship. I was nearly brought to tears by her worshipful
heart. ”

Moments of genuine worship are often marked by an overflow of our souls. Often
our souls have spent so much time rejoicing over Him, that we can’t help but sing.
Other times, when our soul has been wretched by the pain and heartache of this
world, we have only soft cries or solemn silence left. Both of these are acts of
genuine worship. Both of these responses point back to a God who is bigger than us,
bigger than our earthly troubles. Our hearts are known by Him, the One who has
great plans for us, the One in control. How could we choose anything but worship?

Sam, along with other members of Heartsong Red, spent two weeks last summer at
Skyview Ranch and are excited to return in the summer of 2013, where moments
like this will surely not be few and far between. Skyview director Jeremy Hales
looks forward to the summer with them: “Heart Song provides authentic worship
that leads the Christian to the Throne of Grace! Skyview Ranch Campers continue
to share that they feel like it’s just them and God as they worship during our chapel
times. That’s an astounding thing when hundreds of voices are lifted up to the
audience of ONE – Our One True God and Savior! You can’t help but truly see their
HEART in their SONG!”

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