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Lessons from Lift

April 29th, 2013

HeartSong is all about the people we get to minister to all summer long.  From campers, to church members, to host homes, most of our ministry is about people.  What an incredible opportunity we have to daily do life alongside the body of Christ as we travel throughout June, July and August.  Often it is in these little moments—a dinner break at camp, watching a movie in the host home, playing games in youth group—that we, as teams, learn the most.

One of our teams will be partnering with Lift Ministries this summer, for the 6th year in a row. Lift Ministries travels across the country visiting college campuses and hosting week-long camps for thousands of high-school students.


HeartSong leading worship at a Thursday night session for Lift.

For Spencer, one of HeartSong’s drummers, this will be his 3rd year traveling on HeartSong with Lift: “Lift has had a major impact on my life. One area that I have really grown in because of Lift is my ability to interact, relate to, and minister to kids. Lift has taught me how to use my abilities and my gifts to reach out to kids and connect with them. I’m excited for this upcoming summer.”  HeartSong, as a ministry, exists to live the reality of the gospel to everyone we meet all summer long.  However, it isn’t uncommon that we become the ones whose lives are changed through what we encounter in churches and camps across the country.

Our Lift Camp team members will see hundreds of kids from Texas all the way up to Pennsylvania.  Their opportunity for impact is great, as it is for each of our teams this summer, but their willingness to be changed themselves is even greater.  As Spencer uses his drum skills to connect with kids, so other team members will use the skills they’ve honed in guitar or humor or soccer to meet kids right where they’re at this summer.


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