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June 12th, 2013

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Monday started the first day of RUSH camp! For me this was totally exciting because I have not been to camp in four years. To start out the week, my team drove out to the entrance of camp and welcomed the buses full of campers. We rejoiced because God provided so many campers that we could share the gospel with. Later that night after our first time of worship, a young girl, Sarah* came up to me and told me that our ministry through music had brought her to a believing faith in Jesus Christ. How awesome is that? God is so good in bringing us to himself.

For me, hearing the story of Sarah reminded me how big our God truly is. He could have picked anything to get the gospel across, but he chose music. As a vocalist I have the responsibility to communicate the truth of the music we sing. As I have heard many times in my HeartSong training, I have to memorize and internalize. I did not realize how truly important that was until I met Sarah. What I know and understand about the music I sing can influence someone’s eternal future.

As a believer I also have the responsibility to tell everyone about the name of Christ and his awesome gift of salvation. To be able to meet Sarah and talk with her made my heart rejoice. I have a new sister in Christ! I was reminded of the great rejoicing that must have been going on in heaven! Just as my team rejoiced as we welcomed the campers into camp, how much more were the angels rejoicing in heaven when Sarah was ushered into the kingdom of God.



*Sarah’s name has been changed for privacy reasons.

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