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Night of Worship

June 22nd, 2013

On Wednesday night I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Night of Worship, a camper-led time of worship for the senior high program that happens at Lake Ann every Wednesday night after chapel. Campers prepare worship songs to sing, play, or even rap! Some campers enjoy singing so much but have no way to bring an accompaniment track to camp and may be stuck singing a cappella, which can be very nerve-wrecking! As the piano player for the team, I was asked by a few campers if I could be their accompanist for Night of Worship. One girl gave me printed sheet music for me to play for her. Two other girls asked Sarah, the program assistant, if I could accompany popular worship songs for them that I knew. But a fourth girl wanted to sing a song for which an accompaniment track or a chord sheet could not be found. I had the incredible opportunity to listen to the song and then play it by ear to accompany her on the piano!


I graduated in May from Cedarville University with a degree in music, specifically keyboard pedagogy. Through some of my more difficult music classes, I learned how to notate melodies and harmonies by ear. While sitting through two years of dreaded Aural Skills, sometimes I wondered when I would ever use this skill in real life. After all, the classical music I was playing and accompanying all came with sheet music, or lead sheets at least! On Wednesday night, three of the four girls who asked me to play had no written music at all, and I was forced to use my ear to listen and create a piano accompaniment that fit the song they were singing. I was putting my aural skills to use in a huge way! Not all the chords and notes I played were perfect, but I was excited that I could accompany these girls in a way that made them more confident on stage and allowed them to worship and glorify God better.

Because Night of Worship happens every week at Lake Ann, I may have more opportunities as the summer goes on to serve senior high campers by playing a piano accompaniment for them. And thanks to my degree in music, I can easily serve more campers in this way. I am excited that I am able to use the talents God gave me and the degree I have from Cedarville to serve the campers at Lake Ann in a unique way and to help them to freely sing and worship our God with confidence.


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