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Worship Camp

June 22nd, 2013

This past week, we had the privilege of working with over 60 high school students who attended Cedarville’s Worship Camp. The camp was put on by the Department of Music and Worship in order to help encourage and train high schoolers that are serving as worship leaders in their local churches. The students were divided into six bands, and each band was led by Heartsong team members.

Worship Camp was a long but rewarding week for everyone involved. Each day was spent in rehearsal, master classes, electives, and general sessions. The culmination of the week was a student-led night of worship on Thursday. Each band had the opportunity to play three songs and lead worship for their family and friends. As band leaders, we were so proud to watch and worship alongside the students we had mentored all week.

Each one of us Heartsong members can likely name two or three people who were crucial to our development as musicians and worship leaders. Worship Camp gave us the opportunity to give back to students that are currently in the same position that we were in only a few years ago. We hope that these students will be able to return to their home churches stronger not only musically, but also spiritually – ready to help lead others in worship to the best of their abilities. This week was special for us because we got to help teach others the very thing we are continuing to learn ourselves, how to live a life of worship firmly rooted in the Gospel.


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