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June 24th, 2013

Lift Camp is here! Today is the first day of Lift at EMU in Harrisonburg, Virginia! We just finished a Lift test camp week in Dallas, Texas where we ran camp with just the staff to get a feel for how the week will be run. This was a great time to get to know each of the 40+ staff members and prepare our hearts for the students we will interact with this summer. I had attended Lift all throughout high school and after high school for 2 years before coming to Cedarville. It was so cool to interact with staff members I had met in the past, but this time I am doing ministry right along side them! We also had a great time as a team with Hayden who encouraged us throughout the week. His experience from 4 summers with Lift gave him insight to know what to say to best prepare us for what we could expect this summer as HeartSong on Lift staff.

The entire Lift staff, including HeartSong!

The entire Lift staff, including HeartSong!

The theme of Lift for this summer is: Know. Love. Follow. These 3 stages of the Christian faith directly apply to the reasons I attended Cedarville University. Growing up in a Christian elementary school I learned a lot about God and His word, but it was very academic. Going to Lift the summer before my 9th grade year taught me about God’s love that is shown to us through Christ’s sacrifice. It was something I had learned so much about, but that first year of Lift was a time in my life that I was able to understand and apply it to my life. The messages and extended time spent with God showed me that He truly desired a relationship with me. At that time in my life I was serving in my church, playing music every weekend on the worship team. Feeling His love at Lift helped me to truly understand why I was drawn to the church and the people there. I look back on that week and am so thankful that I had that time to turn my knowledge into a love for Jesus.

Recently I have worked through the ‘follow’ stage of my faith. Going to Cedarville University was a huge step for me. I was so involved with my home church; always serving as a volunteer, and then as a staff member right out of high school. I felt that Cedarville might be the next step for me after high school but I was reluctant at first and went to community college, attempting to keep myself planted in the comforts of my home town and home church. Going to Lift while in community college, as a leader in my church, helped me to learn more about Cedarville and HeartSong’s ministry. As I would pray at camp I could feel God working in my heart telling me that 2 years at Cedarville would be so foundational for the rest of my life and complete the Christian education I had received as a kid. The past 2 years at Cedarville have grown my faith so much, and I am so grateful for the education I received there as well as life-long friendships.

It feels as though I have gone full circle. I grew to love Jesus at Lift, and now I am completing my years at Cedarville with the ministry that brought me to school there. So cool how God works!! Lift camp has done so much in my life to point me towards Christ and the plans God has for me. Having a week filled with Christ followers was so encouraging while I was in public high school and I looked forward to it every summer. I am so excited to be on staff with this ministry, working multiple weeks of camp, and giving back to a ministry that meant so much to me.

-David Straight
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