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A Two-Way Encouragement

July 5th, 2013


This Thursday afternoon, I was practicing by myself in the main chapel while the rest of the team led music for junior chapel at Lake Ann. While I was playing, a camper that I had met the night before walked in. I immediately stopped practicing and sat down to talk with him. We talked about his week, and I asked him about his life and what he was learning. Throughout the conversation, he shared with me that he was saved, but was doubting his salvation. I was able to share some Scripture passages with him in order to encourage him with truth. As we talked, this camper broke down in tears because he felt convicted that he wasn’t living how he knew he should live. We went outside and I prayed with him, asking God that He would continue shaping and transforming his life.

This conversation was a huge encouragement to me! God allowed me to encourage this camper and point him to truth. Opportunities like this are things that we have been praying for as a team, and this conversation was an answer to prayer for me. Because of this conversation, I have more reasons to worship God and be thankful. Not only that, but I am convicted to practice what I preach, and by pointing this camper to truth I reminded myself of that truth as well.

A few minutes after this camper and I finished talking, our HeartSong team led the junior high-ers in worship. After the offering was taken, I noticed that this camper was the first to stand up for the final song. As we sang, I looked this camper right in the eye, and it was special to me to know that there was a connection there. I believe that because of our conversation, this special connection facilitated this camper’s worship while also encouraging me in mine.


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