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The Glory Bowl

July 9th, 2013

Seeing a long line of campers snake around the room, getting ready to share what God had done in their lives, is an awesome thing to witness. Last night we got to witness the Glory Bowl where students share what God has done in their life and give him glory for it. The Glory Bowl was one of the coolest things I have gotten to see this summer. It was amazing to see kids stand up and talk about how God was working in their lives and challenging them. The thing that had the most impact on me was the fact that there were not high school students or adults; these were elementary school and junior high age kids.

As I was sitting there listening, I had to wonder why I was so impressed by these young Christians. Why was I so surprised by what these students shared? Even though I was in their shoes not that long ago, I wonder if I would have had the courage to stand up before an entire camp and talk about how God was working in my life. As brand new believers I think we have this ability, to talk about God all the time. However, as we grow older in the faith, that “fire” starts to go away. It’s interesting to me that God never changes but rather something changes inside us changes. We become different and slightly hardened to God. We need to relearn how to be impressed by God. He is constantly providing for us and we ignore him so often.

I was challenged by the stories of these students to stop, listen, and look for the Lord. Not just notice him when he does big things. God is so evident when we take time to look. Where will we see him next?


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