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July 16th, 2013


A major part of Heartsong’s ministry is leading worship through music, but that is by no means the only part. At camps, leading music is often only a small part of our week. The rest of the time is spent with campers and staff, working to build relationships and serve in whatever ways are needed. Sometimes, that means we get to hang out at the pool with the campers; other times, that means we get to take out the trash or work on jobs around the camp that need to get done.

This past week, we got to serve by working in a more hands on way than we usually do. We had many opportunities to interact with campers and get to know them, but we also had several chances to work on odd jobs around the camp. During a couple of the afternoons, the campers were offsite and busy with their own individual cabins, so we had some free time for ourselves. Our team leader Grant decided to ask the camp staff if there were any jobs around the campus that we could help work on. They listed several, and we got to work. Michael and Andy set out to blow leaves off of the parking lot and minigolf course while Grant, Adam, and I went to clear some weeds along a fenceline overlooking Lake Ontario. We worked for a couple of hours before calling it quits and cleaning up for dinner. As the week went on, we took out the trash around camp, cleaned and organized a storage shed, helped fix up a pool filter, and did more leafblowing and weedwhacking. This manual labor was definitely different from our normal, weekly tasks; but it was a welcome change. The jobs offered a tangible sense of accomplishment, and it was refreshing in a way to do physical work.

Like I mentioned earlier, Heartsong’s ministry does not start and end with music. Part of what makes our work enjoyable is the fact that we get to do a variety of things on the road.
Our jobs this past week were maybe a little different than what we normally do, but they were not any less important or less fun. It was a good reminder for us that we are here to serve in whatever ways that we can.


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