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July 22nd, 2013

It was a Wednesday night before senior high chapel when I ran into a counselor named Eric as he was saving seats in the front row for his cabin. We talked about the message that Ken was going to give that night about enjoying our salvation and looking forward to Heaven. Eric had a burden on his heart that his campers would hear this message and grow closer to God through it. I asked if I could pray with him and prayed that God would soften the hearts of his campers and reveal to Eric that God was using him. As the campers came in, I stepped outside to have some private time with God and prayed for a miracle to happen in the lives of the campers. Chapel began as usual with us playing a song set followed by Ken preaching his message. At the end of chapel Ken invited campers to raise their hands if they wanted to get saved. Three of Eric’s campers raised their hands.


So many times as Christians we forget the amazing power of prayer. We believe that God is doing amazing things but sometimes think that these events are rare and that we shouldn’t expect much from God. Throughout the summer God has taught me the power that prayer can have each and every day of our lives. There is power in surrendering ourselves to God and making ourselves available to do His will. For the first part of the summer I was open to be used by God, but I hadn’t surrendered everything to Him. Wednesday night showed me that God’s power can be displayed in my life every day and that when I pray I can have faith that God will answer my prayers.

After chapel I could not stop praising God! He showed me that I need to stop merely saying I put my faith in God and instead believe through faith that God is going to move when I pray. He also showed me that by supporting the counselors and lifting them up in prayer, I can have a great impact on campers’ lives as the counselors support and pray for their campers. As our tour comes down to the last three weeks, I will be praying for more opportunities to be used by God in the lives of campers and counselors. I believe that God will provide me with these opportunities and that they will come when I may not be expecting them. When I live and pray in faith, God works miracles.


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