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July 29th, 2013

One night after chapel I decided to give my brother Spencer a call. When he answered, I asked him if I woke him up or if he was headed to bed. He said, “No, I was just doing my devotions.” The week before Spencer had been a camper at Lake Ann, and I called to because I wanted to hear about it! The counselor he was put with was basically the same person as Spencer. They are both very athletic and have the same sense of humor, and they both struggled with the same idols in their lives, so the counselor was able to relate with Spencer and ask him difficult questions to help him grow. Spencer was also voted team captain for the week, and through this position Spencer was forced into the role of a spiritual leader. He told me that now that he is home he wants to begin participating more in youth group and step up to be a spiritual leader in his home church. Finally, through his week at camp Spencer is really motivated to witness to his friends at his public school, not just by leading by example but in speaking the Gospel as well. He doesn’t want to go back to where he was spiritually; he wants to continue to grow and pursue Christ.

Heidi and Spencer

Throughout the summer we are constantly praying for campers throughout the week, and we believe that God will move in their lives. When my brother came to camp, however, I had a lot of doubts that God could do a great work in his life. I knew his heart and knew how hard the change was going to be, so I was praying for a miracle. I thought maybe Spencer would learn more about who God is, but I wasn’t expecting a complete life change! I was almost shocked when I called him and found him doing his devotions! Spencer’s life change showed me that God’s faithfulness reaches even into the lives of people close to me, and seeing Spencer’s life change was so meaningful to me.

The phone conversation I had with Spencer was the start of a new kind of relationship that I have with him. Before last week we never talked much about God or spiritual things, and I felt that I always had to bring it up and that it never got very deep. After Spencer went to Lake Ann, he was the one who started the conversation, and we talked at a very deep level spiritually as he opened up to me about his week. I can relate to Spencer in a much better way, and I am much closer with him now than I was before. His spiritual change encouraged me in a huge way, and showed me an example of the power of prayer working in ways I could never imagine.


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