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Summer Reflections

August 13th, 2013

Coming into HeartSong as a freshman, I had no idea what to expect. The first time I met my team all I knew was that I missed my family, everything back home, I had met a million people, and I didn’t really know anyone. Then suddenly there were seven more new people that I needed to know and would travel with all year. I can honestly say I was intimidated. I was five hours away from my family and missed them terribly. What I didn’t know was that God had put seven wonderful people in my life to become my family and had set us on a wonderful journey of ministry.


Throughout the year we traveled so many places and met so many people. I cannot wait to get to heaven to meet all the people we affected for the kingdom this year. I have many favorite ministry moments from the year, but my favorite came from this summer.

As a new HeartSong member coming into this summer I had no idea what to think. I heard lots stories from different people, some good and some bad. I knew from traveling with my team during the school year that I was going to be doing ministry with some of the best people I have ever met. With that in mind I was pretty sure summer tour was going to be amazing, but what I experienced was like nothing I have ever done before.

Of the many things I learned, the power of worship through music became very real to me, not only at the beginning of tour but through the entire summer. Music is a very powerful communicator. God showed me this through two people; a young girl the first week of tour and an old gentleman on the last. After we finished our first worship set of the summer this girl found me and told me that because of the music we had played she had decided to accept Christ into her heart. Through this girl I saw the power of God drawing people to himself. The elderly man who, even though he was old, worshiped with the same intensity as a young person. We were singing our last set of the summer and during “Jesus Paid it All” the man just broke down in sobs. He came up to us later and told us how the words of the song, (sin had left a crimson stain, he washed it white as snow) had touched his heart and he was refreshed by God’s forgiveness. Seeing different age groups worshiping to the same music was so amazing. I was reminded of how powerful a few words can be. God does amazing things to draw us to himself. Sometimes he uses people, like my team. Being the youngest on the team I was able to learn from my older brothers and sisters in Christ. Their godly example has pushed me to fall deeper in love with Jesus. I was so honored to see God work this year with my teammates. Words cannot describe what this year was like, but I know that I am forever changed because of the ministry I was apart of this year with HeartSong. We serve an amazing God. Like I said at the being I left my home to follow God to a school where I knew no one and I felt alone. Now I can say that after a year of ministry with my team I have a new family and I have to leave them as we go our separate ways. God knows our lives and puts us exactly where we need to be with the exact people we need to be with. Thanks be to the God who knows us and loves us enough to put us where we need to be to fall more in love with him.


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