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Give Me Faith

October 7th, 2013

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We spent this past weekend at Camp Patmos. As a new member this year, I really enjoyed spending time with the team and engaging with the students and staff. God used this to remind me of the joy in ministry and Christian community, but He also used it to tug on my heart. He so often fills us up with who He is when we think we are the ones there to pour out His love to others.

On Saturday, we were running through some songs, and a girl and her mom came in to the chapel and were looking at our table in the back. This girl was in a wheelchair. Isaac told us to continue practicing as he stepped off the stage and went back there to talk to them as they looked over our table. After a few minutes, he came back up on stage and we started playing through “Give Me Faith.” I looked up and saw that the mom had left, but the girl was still in the chapel listening to us practice:

“I may be weak, but Your Spirit’s strong in me. My flesh may fail, but my God, You never will!”

I watched her worship and declare those words along with us as we sang. It felt like God’s hand just clenched my heart. Those words are so dear to me because of my own physical issues, and I have often clung to them for comfort when I get disheartened. Seeing her singing along with us too encouraged me even more. I was reminded that our God is able, and strong, and will never fail us, even when our earthly bodies do.

After we finished, we had the opportunity to pray with Kirsty. My heart was encouraged as she closed our time thanking God for HeartSong and praying for our ministry. We had about a half hour until the chapel sessions, and I found myself sitting next to her discussing life and family and music until it started. It was such an enjoyable time that made me laugh and appreciate her sweet spirit and trust in the Lord.

When I look back on this weekend, I think of how fun it was to be at camp and with my team. What really sticks out to me though is something simple. It wasn’t a deep conversation, a desperate prayer, or anything extremely life changing. God didn’t have that for me this weekend. He had Kirsty there. He brought her there and allowed our paths to cross. Simply sharing in joyful conversation with a girl that might be often overlooked by the other camper because of a disability, was enough to warm my heart and point me to Christ. She emitted the joy of the Lord. Glowed with it.

If I had planned out my weekend the way I wanted before we got there, my plan wouldn’t have matched up with what God had for me. I’m brought to tears again, thinking of how humbling it is knowing that God has His hand in my life. I was there that weekend to do ministry and I was still swept away by how much I was ministered to though Kirsty. He’s a good God, with good things for us.

Open the eyes of our hearts, Lord. We want to see you.

And we will.


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