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October 28th, 2013

photoHeartsong was to play at 6:00, the road detour took extra time and left us with around 40 minutes to set-up and soundcheck. Many people showed up early, so 40 minutes of set-up and soundcheck was more like 30 minutes, dinner was delayed until after the concert, then would be tearing down the band, packing up, and returning to Cedarville to again unpack the band. After all that, we would unpack our luggage, rejoin dorm life, and go to bed. This was my mind this past Sunday evening of the Heartsong fall break tour. We had just finished our set and I was tearing down my guitar rig as efficiently as possible to stay on schedule, when I nearly missed the most impacting moment of the weekend. In the corner of my eye I could see a man and his young daughter approaching the stage. “I hope he talks with someone else, someone with less work to do, someone who could take care of them better…” was echoing in my head as he walked up to me.

“Thank you for your music tonight.” He said.

“Thank you so much for having us” I said in a cliché, autopilot response, as I continued to wrap cords.

“Yeah no problem…………..this was my first time hearing Christian music.”

And in that moment, I froze. I dropped my cord on the floor, stopped what I was doing, forgot my schedule, forgot that I was hungry, forgot that every extra minute I take tearing down is another minute later we will be back at the college and all I was concerned with was this man.

Press Pause.

He continued, “I met Jesus a week ago, on Sunday” and proceeded to introduce me to his four year old daughter at his side and told me his story. His authenticity and honesty was a testimony in itself. And the fact that I almost missed him completely was an extraordinary “heart-check” on my part.

In Luke 8, there is the story of Jesus leading a group people to Jerusalem, by way of Jericho. As they approach the city, a blind man is crying out to Him from the side of the road. Those in the group rebuked him telling him to be quiet, after all they did have a schedule and stopping to hear a blind man was not in it. But instead of moving along with the scheduled trip, Jesus stops…and in the most radical servanthood the world has ever seen, the Son of God asked the lowest of society “What do you want me to do for you?” “How can I serve you?” The crowd was as shocked that Jesus stopped for the blind man, as they were that he then gave the blind man sight.

Press Pause.

Life accelerates and the longer we live the faster it seems to move. Life accelerates, and we become so consumed with trying to maintain the pace, that we miss the magnificence of a moment. But, when we are willing to delay our plans, halt our busy lives’ schedules, we are able to love others in a way that a distracted person simply cannot. Prior to the passage of Luke 8, in which Jesus heals the blind man, He tells his disciples that He will be tortured and crucified when they reach Jerusalem. If anyone should have reason to be too distracted to take care of people it was Jesus. Yet, that was the exact opposite of what He did. May we set aside our comparatively miniscule worries and agendas to love and serve people in the same way.

Press Pause.

-Brandon Hatch

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