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OneVoice @ Heritage Christian Church!!!

March 1st, 2011

This past weekend we got the amazing opportunity to minister to Heritage Christian  Church in Columbus.  Having ministered at this church about a year ago, I was definitely excited about this incredible opportunity. Arriving at the church, we quickly started sound check. Now, for those of you who are not regular to OneVoice, I will give you some incite. Sound checks are some of the most fun times we have! Before we dive into the music that we will most likely be singing, we sing either old songs or songs that we have barely practiced. This ignites good past memories or just makes for embarrassing and funny new ones!

Once we finished with our sound check, it wasn’t too long before we were starting the first of THREE services, that we would be leading worship at. Many people would think that singing the same set of songs three times would get tired, boring, and repetitive, but this was not the case; with each service, the songs we sang became alive and fresh, proclaiming the gospel that our God is Sovereign and the Power of His Name!

The members of the church were very kind, loving, and had servants’ hearts. Many of them came to us and thanked us for leading worship. One of my favorites comments came from a women who thanked us for spicing up their service. She explained that while she loved the music at the church, she loved watching us perform with passion for Christ, and urged her to do the same!

After the last service, the Scotts, who was our contact to the church, prepared their famous chili, which we happily ate. Delicious!

One of the many lessons that I took back from the trip was that God is really working on and throughout Cedarville University. Many people were astounded to see some changes that the campus had made, among them:  the Excellency in their academic programs, their passion for a Christ-centered learning institution, and its passion for diversity. Though we still have some huge strides to make, it is exciting  to see and be a part of this radical transformation. To God Be the Glory!

Shaun Frazier – Junior, Psychology major 

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