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October 21st, 2011

As many of you know, OneVoice had an awesome opportunity to travel across the world to Australia. Over there, we shared the love of God through singing and fellowship with many people. Through the trip’s challenges and trials we all were reminded of God’s awesome power and faithfulness! The following are blogs of our trip, through the word of our fearless leader Justin Spann!

June 7, 2011

OneVoice Missions team is preparing to depart for Australia. We are praising God tonight because He is… God is! He is everything we need Him to be and so much more!

June 10, 2011

Our team has arrived safely in Australia! PRAISE GOD! We have all our luggage and after a long day are at our host homes or “billets” ready to crash for the night! We have two concerts on Sunday so pray that we get good rest! Keep an eye out for updates:) G’day!

June 14, 2011

Our Australian ministry has been amazing! Isn’t it cool how as we minister to others God ministers to us. What a wonderful cycle. We have had great times of fellowship and music ministry with the people of Pakenham and East Keilor! We have been continuously blessed by the ministry and fellowship with our host church, Suburban Baptist, in Hopper’s Crossing! And the ministry continues with concerts at a local high school and nursing home tomorrow. More updates on that to come! We had a free day today so we shopped and “frolicked” with kangaroos! God is Good!!!!

June 15, 2011

We did ministry at Heathdale Christian College today and then went and sing at a nursing home for a large group of elderly people. It was an incredible day of ministry and Darris Sneed blessed us all with a medley of hymns. It was a very intimate and moving time of worship. We ended the night hanging out with the Suburban Children’s ministry and Youth Group! It was great! Now off to bed!

June 19, 2011

God is SOOOOO GOOD!!!! We had an amazing time worshiping this morning with the people of Suburban! The full video of this morning’s concert is available online! Check it out, and have a blessed Sunday! We have one more concert in Melbourne and then we head to Sydney!!!

June 20, 2011

OneVoice flies to Sydney in 8 hours! We have had an incredible time in Melbourne Australia and we have witness the amazing works and grace of God! Please pray for us and our ministry as we head to Sydney!

 June 23, 2011

SO, We have only been in Sydney a couple days and already so much has happened/is happening! Tracy and her family and friends are great hosts. Half of our group was trapped in a glass elevator for an hour yesterday. It was scary but God is faithful and it was an incredible way to see sunset over Sydney Harbor. Today we went to the Blue Mountains and witnessed the majesty of God in His beautiful creation. We bonded as a team and burned off a few Tim-Tams with a 3k hike through the mountains. We are singing at an all-girl school tomorrow morning and at Hillsong Church’s youth service tomorrow night! Tonight, we are singing in a Jazz Club called Soul Central! It is an awesome opportunity to engage “the world” with the Gospel!!!! OneVoice is going into spiritual warfare in that place tonight and bless the people with the ministry of Gospel music…pray for us saints!!! We have a few people feeling under the weather so please be in prayer for them as well. More to come!


June 24, 2011

OK, God can do EXCEEDINGLY and ABUNDANTLY above all we can ask or think!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the week in Australia that we were initially concerned about! We didn’t know where we were going to stay and had nowhere to sing, BUT GOD!!!!!!!!!! We have housing for everyone and we just had three consecutive AMAZING ministry opportunities! Last night we ministered in a nightclub, YES A NIGHTCLUB!!!! We cleared the dance floor and OneVoice proclaimed the gospel to a room full of people….and they RESPONDED TO THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then this morning, we sang to 600 predominantly Muslim high school girls and…..they RESPONDED TO THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Are you seeing a theme?!!!!). Then tonight……..tonight…………….tonight we ministered at Hillsong Church and had an amazing time worshiping with some of the most PASSIONATE young people! God is so good! We were supposed to sing one song but the spirit moved and we ended up singing 4. We sang “Take it All” (a Hillsong song) with HILLSONG’S BAND!!!!!!!!! (ARE YOU READING THIS!!!!!! YES IT’S REAL!!!!!!) GOD IS SHOWING HIMSELF, AND IT IS AMAZING! There is so much more to tell but I can’t type because my fingers are having a PRAISE ATTACK!!! Watch for Videos and Pics to come soon! AND KEEP PRAYING!!!!!!!! Love ya, OV

June 27, 2011

So, the ministry continues! Saturday night was an awesome demonstration of how God’s strength is made evident at our point of weakness! We were worn out! Saturday morning we had an amazing but emotionally exhausting team time. We shared some testimonies and updates on some prayer requests. God’s faithfulness was evident through it all but we have a lot of people and families at home who are struggling through some really hard times. So when we went to do a concert Saturday night we were just a bit exhausted spiritually and emotionally….BUT GOD, in his wisdom gave us exactly what we needed to carry on….intimacy with Him in worship. When we arrived at Light House Christian Centre for our evening concert we were not prepared for what God was going to do. We prayed before our concert that He would have His way…and HE DID! We had an incredible time of corporate worship with the people from that church as well as many guests including some of our new friends from Hillsong and our wonderful host Tracy Steyn! This was the first time she’d actually heard us sing although we’ve been staying with her for a week! God showed us that as always, HE is in control and by His Spirit we were led in an incredible time of worship.

Sunday morning the worship time continued at Grace of God Ministries where Pastor Abel challenged us with the question, “Where’s your edge?” He encouraged us all to be salt and light to pierce this dark world with the power of the gospel! Then he and the praise team led us in worship….WOAH! They just set an atmosphere of worship that was so spirit-led and filled that we were overwhelmed. When it came time for us to sing the God just changed our whole program and the worship was so…..(I can’t think of a word). People were encouraged, convicted and changed by the word of God through song and sermon that morning! Then to top it all off, the people of this church were so hospitable! They just fed us and fed us until we couldn’t eat any more and half the team fell asleep on the sanctuary floor! (That’s how full we were) Then when we woke up to go to the next church they had BARBEQUED and they fed us again! Food was amazing!

Then Sunday evening we went to Calvary Life Outreach for an evening concert. God’s presence was just so evident throughout this week and the week ended with another amazing time of intimate corporate worship! There is just something about worshiping with believers from different walk of life, with different experiences and ethnic and cultural backgrounds! That church was full of people who were saved by God’s grace and overwhelmed by His goodness! We had a good old fashioned PRAISE PARTY in there! Darris, Charmaine, Michelle, and Just all gave testimonies throughout the concerts that just demonstrated the goodness and faithfulness of God and we couldn’t stop praising Him for it! In conversations with people after our various ministries, we have been blessed to hear the impact God is having on His people and on those who do not know Him through our ministry! It is such a privilege to be used by God and we cannot wait to see what else He has in store for us.

Please keep praying for Lisa as she copes with a broken ankle and for the home situations of some of our other teammates. We are having an incredible ministry here and God is opening so many doors for the ministry of OneVoice in Australia. Lots of Love! OV


July 3, 2011

On Tuesday, we arrived in Dural and began the last leg of our trip with our friends at St. Judes Anglican. On Wednesday, we spent the day in the city. Some of the team went to the largest IMAX theatre in the southern hemisphere, some went to the aquarium, some went shopping. It was a free and relaxing afternoon. That evening we did a concert at St. Andrews Cathedral in downtown Sydney. It was a beautiful cathedral and the acoustics in there just added more beauty to the message of our songs. Thursday, we got up in the morning and went for a drive into the mountains have lunch a “Pie in the Sky.” That afternoon, we gave a concert for the Seniors at the church. It was a lovely concert and the best part was hanging out with the Seniors afterward. We ended the night with a church potluck at one of the host homes.

On Friday morning we headed to Koorong bookstore! It is a great bookstore and they are the largest Christian bookstore in Australia with 19 stores. The book CD/DVD buyer for the store had received one of our CDs and loved it. They bought a whole case of our CDs and we gave a little mini concert in their coffee shop! We swung back by Hillsong that afternoon to pick up a few pre-release copies of the New Hillsong album God is Able and a few of us got the opportunity to meet some of the Hillsong staff and band members. The church was very busy as preparations for the conference are consuming everyone. That evening we did a concert for the Youth in Dural! It as great, we had so much fun worshiping and fellowshipping with the young people there. They taught us a game called King Correcticus and we taught them….”Big Booty” (Americans….LOL).

Saturday morning we went to Macquarie Fields to do a concert for a church called Church in the Fields! It was a great time of worship. The people of the church shared some of their testimonies with us and we shared with them and encouraged them through music. It was great fellowship! Then that night we had a BBQ/Concert/Bonfire for the people of Kenthurst. The concert went well, the BBQ was delicious and the people were so grateful for our ministry and so encouraged. They had strawberry marshmallows at the bonfire….I didn’t know they made those!

Then today we had 2 church services and our final outreach concert this afternoon. There was a great turnout for the concert! We had a great time of high PRAISE!!!!! Some of the relationships we made all over Sydney were made evident by the concert. We had guests from many of the churches we’d visited across Sydney all come to worship together,…it was beautiful.

After the concert we spent some time reflecting on all that God has done on this AMAZING trip. Beginning in Melbourne and all the way until now, God has shown Himself to us as the faithful, loving and all-powerful God that He is. We have heard many stories of people being encouraged in their faith. Stories of people who do not know the Lord showing interest in returning to church or getting more information about our faith. Yokes are being broken and seeds have been planted!!!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! And God is using this experience to change our lives well. GOD IS SO GOOD!!! MMM MMM GOOD!!!!

We ended the evening by saying goodbye to our bus driver Danny (tear) and saying some goodbyes to each other. Six members of our team fly home in the morning and have a 30 hour day ahead of them so please keep them in prayer. Pray for Danny as he makes the long drive back to Melbourne. Please pray for all of our friends in Hopper’s Crossing as LF8R (elevator) camp starts tomorrow!!! (Wish we could be there). And pray for the twelve members of the team remaining in Australia for the 25th annual Hillsong conference.  We’ll all be home soon…..but honestly, it’s gonna be hard to leave!

Love to you all,

OneVoice Australia Team


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