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Song Story: Receive Our Praise

September 23rd, 2013

I remember going through this phase of being totally in love with Coldplay and let’s be real, I still am. At this time, I was staying in Cedarville at Pastor Craig Miller’s house for the summer of 2012, and interning at the HeartSong Studio under the direction Jim Cato. I don’t know if you have ever been to Cedarville in the summer, if you have,  you know that there is not a whole lot going on. Every day, I had time to evaluate myself and really look at my relationship with God. One of the biggest thing that I did not like was that I was hiding so many of my sins from people who knew me and I was living in shame.

Often, those who are in ministry feel as if they need to hide behind a mask, with no way to express themselves but to hide. For me, I expressed my shame and yearning for freedom through music. I was searching for a new way to express myself. I would wake up and listen to Coldplay and one of the things that stood out to me was the simplicity of the chords and how those chords conveyed what the writer was saying in his lyrics. I said Lord, I want arrange something like this. I turned to one of my favorite passages of scritpture, Romans 8, and was quickly reminded that I no longer live in bondage but I am a free man, because of what Christ has done. I wanted God to be pleased with my praise, because as I tried to hide from man, I tried to hide from Him, not realizing He sees everything about me. God sees the good, the bad, my intentions, my insecurities, my failures, and this list goes on. The crazy thing is God knew that I would be a mess and that is why He sent His son.

The scriptures say in Romans 8:1, “There is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.” With that knowledge I felt my strength. I knew that I was not the only one that felt this way in the body of Christ. I tend to let my sin overtake me, forgetting that the word of God tells me of my victory. So, I started with, “Hallelujah, Receive Our Praise Oh God” and began to express that freedom we have in Jesus in the verses. I started fooling around with a couple of chords and put the pieces of it together. I finished the song in half of a day! It is really cool when a song becomes a part of your healing and keeps you accountable to remain authentic. We should let Christ shine through our failures and rejoice in our freedom so that the whole world will know that our God saves.

Receive Our Praise is a testimony that our God saves. We should always be aware of what God is doing in our lives and we should always live in a posture of worship. Our worship, our lives are a sacrifice to God. I cannot wait for you to hear my heart through this song! I am honored that OneVoice Gospel Choir is putting this on the album as a testimony of victory, and I am I honored that they are singing on it! I pray that you are challenged by the story of this song.

Get ready for the release on OneVoice Gospel Choir’s new album October 1st!!

- Darris Sneed, 2013 alum

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