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January 20th, 2014


Walking into OneVoice rehearsal for the first time this semester the first thing I noticed was a completely blank whiteboard at the front of the room. “Wow, Symbolic.” I thought. As a choir and a ministry, it appeared to me that OneVoice was starting over this semester. We had a clean slate if you will. Don’t get me wrong. I was excited about the possibilities for us as an organization, but I was nervous about our future. What had been an organization with steady leadership was now seemingly in no man’s land. I thought that what I knew as OneVoice was no more, and I wasn’t incredibly happy about it. However, I forgot to consider the single most defining characteristic of OneVoice and the ministry that it has. God is in charge.

As any of you who have a chance to sing in the choir, or even worship with them at an event in the past, will know, there is nothing quite like it. No matter where, when or who is involved, singing with OneVoice is the one thing that connects me to my savior more than anything else. That has never been truer than in that first rehearsal a week ago. As soon as the first notes were played and sung, I realized that it didn’t matter what the circumstances were, because we were there to praise our Lord and Savior, and he would take care of everything else. Did we have some ups and downs in the rehearsal? Of course. Will we have even more ups and downs in the coming months? You can count on it. But as Romans 8:31 says so confidentially, “What, then shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us!”

Throughout the rehearsal, we filled up that whiteboard with words and phrases of what we knew OneVoice to be, and what we wanted OneVoice to be known for this year. Loving, accepting, free, friendly, sold out and all in for Christ. Passionate, trusting, and a place of shelter and refuge for those that have nowhere else to turn. What I quickly realized was that the whiteboard had never been blank in the first place. Those words had been there the whole time. I had been blinded by worry and doubt, and I forgot what makes OneVoice Gospel Choir so incredibly special. It isn’t that we make great music. It certainly isn’t that we are more “spiritual” than anyone else. It isn’t even that we sway better than everyone else on campus (although the argument can be made.) What makes OneVoice so special is the message we carry. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Jesus died on the cross, so that we would no be responsible for our own sin. He saved each and every one of us. You. Me. That is the gospel, and it is the reason that OneVoice exists, so that we may take that message to the ends of the earth. Our medium is usually music, but if we have the opportunity to use words or actions, then we should be willing and prepared to be a witness for our savior in that manner too. In the end what I came to realize is this. OneVoice is God’s ministry. No matter who comes and goes, whom God is able to use to glorify his name while they are in this choir, it is and always will be His ministry. The whiteboard is never blank because God always has a plan and a mission. In 2014 OneVoice is striving to do everything we can to live that mission out. Will you join us?


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