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September 13, 2016

This post coincides with our arrival at the top of the sidebar timeline: Lockdown!  Although we reached an earthly goal, it reminds us that we have a real and eternal goal.  “I pursue toward the goal for the prize to which God in Christ Jesus has call me upward.” (Phil. 3:14)

This final Highlight summarizes Criterion 5: Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness.  We argue here that Cedarville is sustainable and plans strategically for the future.

Responsible fiscal management.  We have shown through the history of our past strategic plans and through our management of finances and spending allocations that we are a sound and sustainable institution.  Based upon many careful considerations and informed by our strategic plan, our annual budget is carefully created by the President and Cabinet over a period of months, then approved by the Trustees.

Clear Roles and Communication.  Not only are we fiscally sound, the various functions and roles of the employees are well defined in our University By-laws and Policy Handbooks.  Trustees, Administration, Faculty, and Staff all have very clear responsibilities that allow the University to function like a well-oiled machine.  Systems of evaluation and assessment of individual personnel incite employees to continually improve their performance.  The organization of the University is such that it allows for frequent, thorough, and regular communication among the various offices and departments.  This infrastructure allows us to do our best work, learn from other areas, and work together effectively.

Strategic Planning.  Over the last year we have developed a new strategic plan. Our current Vision Statement was developed as part of that plan: “Cedarville University will be an exemplary Christian institution known for commitment to academic excellence, submission to biblical authority, passion for the Great Commission, and intentional discipleship that transforms lives for godly service, vocational distinction, and cultural engagement.” The Strategic Values of the plan are 1) Biblical Authority, 2) Comprehensive Education, 3) Godly Service, 4) Transformed Lives, and 5) Faithful Stewardship.  The Core Strategies of the plan are 1) Academic Excellence, 2) Gospel Impact, 3) Institutional Sustainability, 4) Program Innovation, and 5) Vibrant Community. Implementation of the strategic plan is taking place in the current academic year, 2016-17.

Campus-wide Assessment.  Finally we show that in every division, across all areas of the campus community, systems for continuous improvement are producing a culture of assessment.  Although we present an argument for academic program review and student learning assessment in Criterion 4: Teaching and Learning, in Criterion 5 we feature every division and what they are doing for quality improvement.  Administration, Academics, Advancement, Athletics, Business, Enrollment Management and Marketing, and Student Life and Christian Ministries are making significant improvements based on feedback from you, the users of those areas, outside evaluators, and their own internal controls.

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