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February 8, 2016

On a blistery, snowy, grey day in February—today to be exact—the HLC Steering Committee reached a major milestone.  Standing on the shoulders of all who have worked so diligently on this project, a few of us finalized the uploading and hyperlinking of our Argument on HLC’s Assurance System.  The document will see the light of day tomorrow, when it will come under the scrutiny of our first group of reviewers.  One of these is an established HLC peer reviewer from another university, but who has no prior knowledge of or participation in our HLC review process.  We are anxious to received her feedback as one who will be reading our document for the very first time.  The other reviewer, also an established HLC peer reviewer, is our own Dr. Mike Firmin, Professor of Psychology.  He has not been involved in writing or reviewing our document, and we will value his first reaction.

Although a milestone has been reached, there is much work to continue to tweak and refine the argument.  As spring progresses, we also will be responding not only to our outside reviewers, but to the ALG, to the Cabinet and select Staff leaders, to Dr. White, and to the Trustees.  Our prayer is that this document will be the best that we can possible make it, and that it will more than adequately represent our fine institution and the stellar people that God has placed here for His service. My prayer is that we will be found in Him, not having our own righteousness which is out of the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which is out of God and based on faith (Phil. 3:9).  Please continue to pray for Cedarville University as we pass through this process.

KUDOS ALERT !!! In response to our last Update on Consumer Information, Dr. Janice Supplee took action to make the Consumer Information site more visible and accessible to the public. The link now appears as a sidebar on the main About page. Thank you, Dr. Supplee!

I’m sorry, but no one offered the correct answer to Trivia Challenge #2. The answer to the question—which staff positions are also granted faculty status?—is found in the Faculty Handbook 2.7.2.  These positions are Director of Admissions and Director of Counseling. For this post’s challenge, we move on to the Consumer Information website. You can find the answer to Trivia Challenge #3 there.  As always, the first 10 correct answers will be entered into a drawing to receive a prize.

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