From Class to Chicago Trading Floor

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September 28, 2017

2017 grad Paulo Diniz de Souza Pinto recently shared this photo and story with Dean Haymond. In Dean Haymond’s Money and Financial Markets class, he regularly shows video clips from CNBC, which often feature Rick Santelli (since Mr. Santelli comments on interest rates).  Paulo works for a large trading and clearing firm in Chicago (INTL FCStone), and on a trip to the Comex floor he got to meet Mr. Santelli and tell him about the class. Mr. Santelli was excited to hear that F.A. Hayek and Austrian economics are being taught at Cedarville and encouraged us to continue our solid economics teaching!

Paulo’s fellow 2017 grad Nate Duffus reports back that he has found numerous process improvement opportunities with his new firm (Fraud Plastics) and on his own initiative has created dashboards to capture firm data that wasn’t being used effectively before. His manager loves it and has asked him to do more for other areas of the firm.  Thanks, John LeBlanc, for your excellent preparation of our grads!

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