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September 28, 2017

Recent Retirements

How do you replace a Galen Smith?  Over 35 years of teaching at Cedarville, with world-renowned prayers (and who can forget his prayers?!), Galen has been the epitome of the professor we want in the SBA. His office door was often open, with students sitting in chairs beside him and both heads bowed in prayer. 


Likewise, Harry Anderson was arguably the technical backbone of our highly regarded accounting program, teaching most of the upper-division accounting classes. Harry would like to have retired earlier to help care for an ailing spouse, but as our search for an accounting professor of excellence was repeatedly stifled, he would answer the call for another year. 


Praising God for New Faculty Members

God is faithful, and this year brings us two new excellent faculty members. 

John Tarwater is incredibly productive, and not just because he and his wife have 10 children! (Yes, you read that correctly. Coming in well ahead of sport business management professor Andrew Wonders’ seven kids, or John Delano’s recent sixth arrival, these faculty members are believers in God’s promise that “like arrows in the hands of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.”) John and his wife, Sheila, have been long-term missionaries serving in Central America; John is fluent in Spanish, preaching in Guatemala, Honduras, and more.  A renaissance man, John took a few years off from the mission field, completing his CPA and working for a large accounting firm in Dallas, prior to taking those skills to be the CFO at a small border seminary that served Latinos. To maintain his CPA, John began taking Ph.D. classes in finance and is currently beginning his dissertation work to finish his second Ph.D.  We are blessed to have this high-energy faculty member! 

Paul Schloemer was the answer to several years of prayer to find an accounting professor of significant accomplishment. He has a long history of both academic and teaching accomplishment. Paul received his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in 1991 and has been teaching accounting for more than 25 years. He specializes in the area of taxa­tion and has published numerous articles in journals such as The Tax Adviser, The CPA Journal, Advances in Taxa­tion, and Journal of Financial Service Professionals. Paul has been married to Melanie for 31 years and has three grown children (Jeremiah, David, and Christy). He loves coaching basketball and volleyball and observing how God uses sports to teach players and coaches about Himself. Paul is that quiet and measured “E.F. Hutton” kind of man; when he speaks, you should definitely listen, as he has something wonderful to say. We’re grateful to God to have him on board.

Other News

In other transitions, Sarah Smith is in her final year of teaching, and John LeBlanc is in the first of a two-year “step down” into retirement. Their leadership will be hard to replace, so we need your prayers that God will provide great people to fill the gap. 

But with departures also comenew arrivals … that is, more babies!

John and Rachel Delano welcomed Arianna Rose Delano into the world on August 25, 2017. She was 9lb. 3oz. and 21.5in. long. She is their sixth child; she has four older brothers and one older sister.

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