Micah 6:8 Business Scholarship Changes Lives

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September 28, 2017

Micah 6:8 business student scholarships are continuing to encourage our students, allowing them to experience the kind of education that only Cedarville University can provide. Last year we were able to provide 19 scholarships, due to the generosity of many our alumni and friends. For many of the recipients, this helped them more ably manage the high cost of college, but for others, this scholarship was the difference that enabled them to stay at Cedarville.

One student,  Isaac N., shares his story of how the Micah 6:8 scholarship made a difference in his life.

I graduated high school in Colorado in December 2011. I graduated a semester early so I could move to Hungary as a missionary. It had always been a dream of mine to play college soccer, and I planned to go to college after graduating, but I knew this was what the Lord was calling me to do at the time. I was in Hungary for six months. During this time, my family moved to Sydney, Australia, as missionaries. I returned to Colorado after six months, where I worked as a youth pastor, soccer coach, and barista. After a year in Colorado, I moved to Montana where I coached soccer and worked with Potter’s Field Ministries. I still had a desire to go to college, but at this point, I was beginning to doubt that I would have a chance to. In June 2014, I was contacted by Athletes in Action, an international sports ministry organization headquartered in Xenia, Ohio. They were looking to hire someone for their soccer department; however, I did not have a college degree, so I could not be hired full time. They told me about Cedarville University, which was nearby. I had never heard of Cedarville, but it felt like a “God thing,” so I contacted their soccer coach. He ended up offering me a spot on the team. Even though I did not have the money and my parents could not contribute, I decided to come to Cedarville, trusting that God would provide. God has used your generosity to answer that prayer, and I thank you for the part you have played in God demonstrating that He is my Great Provider. 

As the Micah 6:8 business student scholarship is our primary means in the SBA of financially supporting our students, we encourage you to support the SBA through this fund. For our recent graduates especially, while we don’t want you to contribute much until you’ve finished paying off your own student debt, even you could become SBA “coffee club” donors. “Coffee club” donors give $5 a month toward the scholarship — about the price of a really good coffee, and even the dollar amount is much less important than a regular gift. With regular gifts, we can plan on supporting more students each year based on the consistent faithfulness of our supporters. God can easily multiply your small gifts to make a big difference in our students’ lives. 

Go online to give to the Micah 6:8 Scholarship fund to help students like Isaac. Enter Micah 6:8 when prompted to designate your gift.

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