Faculty Stay Busy On and Off Campus This Fall

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December 20, 2018

Dr. John Tarwater, Assistant Professor of Business, is now “Dr. Dr.,” as he recently finished his second Ph.D., this one in finance from the University of Texas Rio Grande. Dr. Tarwater is in his second year at Cedarville and is already making a profound difference in our Business Ethics classes (his first Ph.D. is in ethics).

Professor John LeBlanc, Associate Professor of Management, is gleefully telling anyone who will listen that this is his last year as a full-time faculty member. I’m sure I’ll be able to rope him into some continuing involvement, as he bleeds Cedarville and the SBA! Be sure to send him a note thanking him for his years of faithful service. But John doesn’t just bleed CU; he bleeds the good ‘ole USA as well. He has been spending much of his half-time off participating in the honor guard for military funerals at the Dayton National Cemetery. This Bronze Star winner is still giving back to other service members. Enjoy this video of John participating in the honor guard.

Professor Anne Rich, Professor of Accounting, was able to spend many weekends in Washington, D.C., this semester with her husband, Professor Dave Rich, who led Cedarville University’s D.C. Semester this fall. She was even able to host Women in Business events while she was in D.C.

Dr. and Mrs. Haymond will have their third (and last child’s) wedding in 18 months. Their daughter Megan is getting married to Cedarville alumnus Jacob Olejarcyck on December 30. They, of course, think they are much too young for grandchildren, but will gladly welcome that hoped-for eventual outcome now that all their children are married!

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