Spring 2021 Late Stay Information

April 5, 2021

Dear faculty and staff,

If you have students who you are requiring to stay past Saturday, May 1, at 5 p.m., please carefully read the instructions below BEFORE completing the form. In order to serve the numerous people involved in the logistics of late stay students, it is important that the information received is accurate, with as few edits as possible. Please fully and accurately complete and submit the Late Stay Form by Tuesday, April 20. When completing the form, be sure to send a copy to yourself (option at the bottom of the form) so you are able to edit your submission until April 20. After that date you will need to email me with any changes that need to be made.

Food Service: Charged to your account per scan
The last contract meal for the semester is Friday dinner on April 30. The dining hall will be closed Saturday, May 1, through Monday, May 3, and will re-open on Tuesday, May 4 for breakfast from 7-8 a.m. If you need meals for your group while the dining hall is closed, you will need to make arrangements on your own for those meals. If you need meals for faculty or staff, you will need to work directly with the dining hall for those meals, as this form is for students only.

Campus Housing: No charge to your account
Students will be consolidated to one residence hall per gender and assigned a roommate (groups/athletic teams will be housed together). Housing will not be available for those students who live off campus. Students in your group will be required to move from their current spring housing to the summer school residence hall on Sunday, May 2, and are required to be out of the residence hall within 24 hours once their obligation to the Cedarville University team/group ends. Information regarding the distribution of keys will be sent to each student so they know the location and time for getting their key on Sunday, May 2. At this time, students will turn in their school year room key in exchange for a new key. Once your season is complete, it is imperative that all keys are returned to the Campus Security office key drop off, SSC 230, or residence hall drop box to avoid a $50 per key charge.

In submitting names for your students/group to stay past graduation, you understand that your department/group will be charged for any expenses that may occur during their stay. As the group leader, you assume the responsibility for the members of the group and their behavior during their time on campus after the end of the school year. They need to comply with University policies in accordance with the Student Handbook. This includes appropriate hours, dress, activities, and residence hall life.

Please contact Deb Kiefer at dkiefer@cedarville.edu or x 7872 with any questions.

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