May 18 Update: CARES Grants, Stinger Comes to Chick-fil-A, and Academic Honors

May 18, 2020 |

Every day I will bless you and praise your name forever and ever.  Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable.  (Psalm 145:2-3)

Today’s update includes CARES grant aid for eligible students, Stinger comes to the new Chick-fil-A, the latest COVID-19 theories from our faculty experts, academic honors, a special two-week June term designed especially for incoming freshman and high school students, and a Cedarville alumna sails to New York City to serve COVID-19 patients.

CARES Grants – Cedarville University has received emergency student aid funds from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to assist eligible students with expenses incurred as a result of the coronavirus. To be eligible for a $400 grant, students must have successfully submitted the FAFSA and received the results with no outstanding requirements for completion. Recipients were enrolled in at least 12 hours at the end of the spring 2020 term in an undergraduate or graduate residential program. Eligible students were notified by email last week.

Stinger Comes to Chick-fil-AWatch as crews welcome Stinger to the new Chick-fil-A. He’s ready to welcome students in the fall!

Weekly COVID-19 School of Pharmacy UpdateWatch as infectious disease expert Dr. Zach Jenkins, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, discusses the latest COVID-19 theories and research. Please check out the video archive where you’ll find all of the COVID-19 resources, including last week’s Town Hall on “Reopening the Economy,” featuring Cedarville faculty experts.

Academic Honors 2019-20 – Even though we were unable to hold an Honors Chapel this spring, schools and departments selected worthy students to receive the endowed scholarships and awards presented annually. Please view this year’s program to see all Academic Honors recipients, including members of the Class of 2020 who graduated with honors.

Online Summer Options With a Value-Add – Dr. Pam Johnson, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, described two special summer course opportunities like this: “More than online!” The June session scheduled June 15-26, 2020, which includes Summer Scholars (for high school/College Now students) and Early Start (new Fall 2020 freshmen who are getting an early start on their college journey) is being converted to a virtual set of experiences.  Three courses will be offered virtually via Zoom in real-time —The Bible and the Gospel, General Psychology, and Politics and American Culture. The faculty scheduled to teach these courses have taught the short June session before, and students have enjoyed the engagement. Dr. Johnson said, “We are committed to providing students with an excellent Cedarville learning experience during these two fast-paced weeks. For high school students and incoming freshman, these courses will be challenging but very rewarding.” The cost of both Summer Scholars and Early Start is 80% less than the regular tuition rate.  In addition to the coursework, the learning experience will include a daily devotional time arranged by Dr. Jon Wood, Vice President for Student Life and Christian Ministries, followed by small group interaction about the devotional with other students in the program. Help us spread the word about these unique summer course opportunities.

Cedarville Nursing Alum Making News – Rachel Hartley, a 2015 nursing graduate and current M.S.N. student, headlined news in New York City and on local stations this week when she shared her story of sailing with her husband from Virginia to Brooklyn to care for COVID-19 patients at NYU Langone Hospital. Here is just one of Rachel’s interviews, Sailing Away for a Cause, from May 14. We are so thankful for Cedarville alumni, like Rachel, who are using their professional skills to care well for people and share the good news of the Gospel during this pandemic.

In Case You Missed It – On Friday, Cedarville announced plans for students’ return to campus in August! We can’t wait to have students move in to the new residence hall and enjoy dining at the beautiful Chick-fil-A facility. We are ready to do life and community together again, and we will keep you informed throughout the summer as decisions are made.

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  • Rick Smith says:

    Annnnnnnnd the elephant in the room. Where is information on Dr. White’s return ?

    • Sarah Gump says:

      Hello, Rick. Thank you for writing. As shared earlier, our Board has commissioned two investigations, and they are still in process. We will share an update with our University family and friends as soon as we have additional information. Thank you for caring and praying!

  • Anna says:

    When will the fitness center open? Thanks!

    • Sarah Gump says:

      The fitness center will open to the Cedarville University community on June 1. On June 22, it will open for all members. Please contact Mark Mathews at for additional information.Thank you and God bless!

  • Recent Graduate? says:

    When will the diplomas be be sent out?

    • Sarah Gump says:

      Great question! Your diploma will be mailed in early June. 🙂 We expect you will receive it during mid-June.

  • Suzanne Blosser says:

    Great information! Thanks!

  • Lisa Carlsen says:

    Thank you!