June 29 Updates: New Student IDs, Dean’s List, and Christian Liberty and Loving Others

June 29, 2020 |

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever. (Isaiah 40:8)

This week’s updates include preparing for fall semester, how to submit an ID card photo for new students, the latest video of our three new campus buildings, changes for the Bookstore and Post Office, updating the Dean’s List for spring semester, and balancing our Christian liberty with love for others.

Preparing for Fall – While our nation is grappling with rising COVID-19 infections in some areas,  we are continuing our careful, deliberate “Caring Well. Staying Well.” path and remain on track for an August 17 start of classes. We are continuing to seek wise counsel from healthcare professionals and appropriate governmental agencies to ensure we build in the protocols and flexibility to serve our students, faculty, and staff well and to care for the more vulnerable.

Getting Started Information – New students should submit a photo to the ID Portal by July 1. You’ll find instructions and photo requirements online. This will allow us to have your ID card ready when you arrive on campus — just one of the ways we are preparing for a COVID-19 reimagined Getting Started experience.

For complete Getting Started information, download the “Events at Cedarville University” app. Once in the app, click on “Find Guides” and type “Cedarville University – 2020 Getting Started” and download it. This will give you access to everything you need to know for Getting Started, such as the schedule of events, a campus map, and a list of who’s in your small group.

Construction Update – Furniture has arrived, and construction on our three new buildings is nearing completion. We are eager to welcome students back to campus to enjoy these new living, learning, and dining spaces.

University Retail Services – As we prepare for students’ return to campus, we’ll continue to include updates and protocols from various areas of campus. Today we share plans from the Bookstore and Post Office. The Bookstore’s walk-in, self-service option for choosing and purchasing course materials will not be available this fall. There will be three lines outside of the Bookstore, including for pickup and customer service, each clearly marked with floor graphics. Entry and exit to the store will be monitored by staff members to ensure that only 30-40 people are in the store at one time. We encourage students to order textbooks early, using the price comparison options on the Bookstore website so that textbooks are ready for pick up when you arrive. Enhancements to the Post Office’s tracking system will schedule how many students can pick up packages at a time. Students will be asked to main 6-foot distancing when waiting for pickup. These new protocols are intended to help us continue providing excellent service while protecting our campus community.

Dean’s List for Spring Semester – Some students were not able to complete coursework or field experience for spring semester due to COVID restrictions, leaving them with an incomplete and, in some cases, making them ineligible for the Dean’s List. We will re-evaluate these students’ eligibility for this recognition at the end of the summer or early in fall semester, after they have had a chance to complete the remaining work and/or time requirements for the incomplete course.  Those who qualify will be notified of their eligibility for the Dean’s List as soon as this process has been completed.

Christian Liberty and Our Core Value of Loving Others – Continuing our “Caring Well. Staying Well.” video series, Dr. Jon Wood, Vice President for Student Life and Christian Ministries, discusses how we can balance our Christian liberty with our desire to love and care for others.

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  • Susan Rourke says:

    As an out-of-state family with a daughter attending Cedarville, we would like to know what the plan is should our daughter test positive for COVID 19 during a semester at Cedarville. A flight home would obviously be out of the question and we are an 18-20 hour drive away. We understand the need for quarantine, but do you have dorm rooms set aside for that possibility?

    • Sarah Gump says:

      Hello, Susan! Great question. We are working on a comprehensive Caring Well. Staying Well. guide that will bring together the information and resources you need related to classes, dining, residence life, and more in one easy-to-access brochure. This guide will be available later this month.

      In relation to if a COVID-19 case were to occur at Cedarville University, below is the information from the June 1 Update:

      Although there have been no known COVID-19 cases at Cedarville University, it is important for you to know that we have a plan in place for responding quickly, caring well for those affected, and limiting any spread. Adapted from our longstanding Pandemic/Flu Outbreak Response Plan, these five protocols reflect the best advisement of our own University health experts as well as regional and national public health authorities:

      Triage – Engage with affected individual via telehealth; quarantine the individual and confirm the COVID-19 diagnosis; continue to monitor symptoms.
      Test – Provide testing for close contacts of the affected individual.
      Tell – Notify the Greene County Health Department and alert the campus community.
      Tend – Ensure the affected individual is properly isolated and monitored; properly sanitize any potentially infected spaces.
      Trace – Work with county health officials to properly contact trace.

      Here is the link to the June 1 Update: cedar.to/8Aeleq