August 3 Update: Finalizing Your Schedule, Getting Started, Fall Sports, and More

August 3, 2020 |

“The works of his hands are faithful and just; all his precepts are trustworthy.” Psalm 111:7

This week’s updates include:

  • what you can expect at Getting Started
  • accessing Getting Started events and seminars via livestream
  • finalizing your course schedule for the fall
  • extending the grace period on past-due interest
  • fall sports
  • finding on-campus jobs
  • telehealth option revisited
  • where to pick up your books from the bookstore (don’t forget to order your textbooks before you return to campus!)
  • picking up packages at Postal Services just got easier!

We begin this week’s update with a video featuring our student body president previewing Getting Started Weekend and letting students and their families know what to expect. We’re excited to welcome you home, Yellow Jackets!

Getting Started Livestream Sessions – This year we are livestreaming many of the Getting Started sessions and events to make these opportunities available to as many guests as possible. Capacity will be limited in the face-to-face sessions to ensure physical distancing. You will be able to access any of the livestreams using links from the Getting Started weekend calendar or through the Getting Started app. Following are the available sessions and times:

  • Parenting From a Distance – Aug. 14, 2-3 p.m.
  • Life Outside the Classroom – Aug. 15, 10-11 a.m.
  • It’s Academic – Aug. 15, 1-2 p.m.
  • Chick-fil-A Dedication – Aug. 15, 2-3 p.m. (also streaming to Facebook Live)
  • Jacket Jaunt – Aug. 15, 6-7 p.m. (also streaming to Facebook Live)
  • Getting Started Program – Aug. 15, 7-9 p.m. (also streaming to Facebook Live)

“How Do I Change My Schedule?” – We’re glad you asked! New students, if you are wondering when you will meet with your advisor or if you can change your class schedule for fall semester, we have answers! Maybe you’re asking, “Should I plan to take the calculus readiness exam?” or “What about foreign language placement tests?” Join the registrar for a livestreamed presentation to learn answers to these questions and find out other important information regarding final registration and registrar services. Join us for Finalizing Your Schedule With the Registrar this Thursday, August 6, at 3 p.m.

Student Accounts – In an effort to continue to help students affected financially from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are extending the grace period for past-due interest on student accounts through December 31. We will not charge additional late fees nor interest on unpaid balances through the rest of the calendar year. Our goal is to work with you to help you achieve your educational goals at Cedarville.

Fall Sports – The Great Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC) has announced its plan to return to competition for the 2020-21 season, following a delay of practice and competition for the fall championship segment. The Great Midwest has designated Friday, August 28, as the first permissible practice date for men’s and women’s soccer, volleyball, and cross country. The first permissible date of competition has been delayed until Thursday, September 24.

Student Job Fair — Students who want to work on campus are encouraged to participate in an online job fair tomorrow, Tuesday, August 4, from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., hosted by Handshake, an online network of jobs. Note that new users will need to set up an account through Handshake.

Telehealth Update — After additional review of telehealth options and the needs of our students, we determined that most families already have some type of telehealth services included with their personal insurance plan. As we continue to seek to steward our resources well and not add unnecessary expenses, we have determined to forego offering an additional telehealth option this fall. Our own University Medical Services as well as local providers stand ready to serve your health needs.

Changes to University Bookstore Processes – As students return to campus, they will notice changes in University Bookstore procedures that will follow COVID-19 protocols and allow for physical distancing and safer shopping for everyone. All textbook pickup, purchase, and return transactions will be conducted outside of the physical store in surrounding hallways. Visit the bookstore’s website for complete information on purchasing textbooks and other merchandise this fall.

Post Office Package Pickup – To eliminate long lines for package pickup, the campus post office is introducing a new scheduling feature to the package pickup process. Students will be notified when they receive a package (look for email from “Smart Track Pro”); then use the link in the email to schedule a pickup time. Students should wear a mask and follow physical distancing guidelines when coming to pick up their package. To better accommodate package volume and student schedules, the window will be open Monday-Friday from 12-9 p.m. for the month of August.




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  • Nathanael Burchett says:

    It’s great that fall sports are coming back! Will there be intramural sports?
    I agree with General Reno, great job Jake!
    Nate Burchett

  • anonymous says:

    How do you plan on holding the fall bible conference outdoors when the govenor has banned gatherings of more than 10 people?

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you for your question! The state of Ohio has been careful to exempt religious services from the directives related to public gatherings. As we plan for Fall Bible Conference, we are closely following the Governor’s recommendations to churches by gathering outside in an area large enough to allow for physical distancing. We are also requiring masks for all who attend.

  • Sarah Allen says:

    I, too appreciate all the communication as Loren Reno stated above! CU, especially our admissions counselor, Anna Schindler has been awesome at answering questions and providing guidance all along the way. We specifically appreciate all of the care that is being taken to keep students and faculty safe. You’ve been doing an excellent job of communicating all that you are doing.

  • Sarah Allen says:

    Hello! We are getting very excited and have been organizing with our daughter so she will be all ready to arrive on campus as a new freshman! I have a few questions:
    – Q1: Upon reviewing the schedules for Friday and Saturday of Getting Started Weekend there are some live streams and I’m assuming if we miss those and if there is a conflict with the live meetings, the live streams will be available on video? We are going to try and do either one however one example being our daughter has the calculus readiness review which overlaps with the live stream “Life Outside the Classroom” on Saturday. Friday we will be coming from Michigan and hope to arrive before the 1:00 p.m. session of “Life Outside the Classroom” however if we are checking in and moving her into the dorm, we potentially may miss that one.
    – Q2: She has received notice from the bookstore that all books are in and ready for pick-up with the exception of a lab manual which is on backorder. Should we be worried that she won’t have the manual for first day or week of class?
    – Q3: She is bringing her car and I noticed in FAQ that through the app, it will indicate where we can park during the weekend. We’ve registered her car online and are assuming there will be parking information and some type of a sticker for her car in her packet or will she need to pick something up? We haven’t paid the $100 so assuming we visit the cashier’s office during our time over the weekend.
    Q4: What is “Jacket Jaunt” that is scheduled on Saturday from 6-6:30 for parents and students?

    Thanks so much! We are praising God that Carly is attending CU, a Christ filled university! Be encouraged!
    Sarah Allen

    • Kelly says:

      Hello, Sarah.

      1. Yes, all the livestreams will be available for viewing after at
      2. We recommend discussing a timeline for when the lab manual will be available with the bookstore when she picks up her other books.
      3. After students register their car, they will get an email telling them to pick up their sticker from the post office. The fee will be charged to their account.
      4. The Jacket Jaunt is an event where incoming students take their first walk around the lake as new Yellow Jackets.

      Hope that helps!

  • Stacey says:

    Hello! I’m sorry if we missed this in another email but will Chick-Fil-A be open to guests over Getting Started Weekend? We are praying for as close to a full and normal semester as everyone can have and SO appreciate your fabulous communication with parents on everything!

    • Sarah says:

      Hello, Stacey! Yes, Chick-fil-A will have their grand opening ceremony at 2 p.m. on Saturday; but they will be open for business to the public on both Friday and Saturday. See you soon!

  • Grant Bauman says:

    I missed that virtual job fair. I would like to apply for an on-campus job. So, I clicked that link that connected me to “Handshake”….but it had me fill out this long questionnaire about my major, and what city I want to work, and finding jobs for when I graduate. I’m a freshman. I just need a part time job to help with expenses. Now what do I do? How can I apply and find on-campus jobs…not jobs in Criminal Justice?

    • Sarah says:

      Hello, Grant! There are plenty of on-campus jobs still available! Only a couple departments participated in the virtual event, so you did not miss out. Please review this list to review all of the student job listings. If you have additional questions about student employment opportunities, please contact the Student Employment Office: I hope this helps! See you soon!

  • Amy says:

    Question about Getting Started weekend…when are events for parents finished? Is there anything Sunday for parents or freshmen students or should we plan to attend church services elsewhere?

    • Sarah says:

      Hello, Amy! Please review the schedule here. The parent activities are marked purple. There is not a service on Sunday morning for new students and their families. Please plan to attend a local church. In addition, check the websites of local churches to see if they are doing virtual services and how they are allowing in-person attendance. 🙂

  • Michael Laird says:

    When I check your Fall 2020 Arrival Guide, it shows check-in hours on Friday the 14th only until 5 pm, and on Saturday only until 1 pm. What about students traveling long distances like we are from New England? It takes 13 hours of driving to get to Cedarville, so this can be done in one day, but only if check-in can be extended to something like 7 or 8 pm. Then students only need to leave home around 5 or 6 in the morning to make it by the end of check-in. Can you provide some capability for late check-ins?

  • Lorraine Reich says:

    Hello, we didn’t receive this email till 3 PM August 4th, so didn’t know about the job fair. I’m guessing this was a glitch in your system?

    Lorraine Reich

    • Sarah says:

      Hello, Lorraine! I am sorry you received the email on Tuesday. Please encourage your students to check their email daily. Important information is communicated there. There are plenty of on-campus jobs your children are still able to apply for. Only a couple departments participated in the virtual event, so you did not miss out. Please have your children review this list to review all of the student job listings. If your students has additional questions about student employment opportunities, please encourage them to contact the Student Employment Office: I hope this helps!

  • Leslie says:

    Will there be areas on campus where we can sit and watch these seminars on our phones? Since we’ll be in the process of moving our student in I’m just wondering if there’s a location that we can go to listen and watch these and then go back to helping with set up or will these be recorded and available after the weekend so we can watch them in our long drive home perhaps?

  • Jerry says:

    When will students recieve a post office box assignment?

    • Sarah says:

      Hello, Jerry! Please ask your student to log in to CedarInfo and click on the Student Life tab. There box number will be located there.

  • Tracy says:

    How do students apply for a job at Chic Fil a?

  • shannon says:

    What or how can I find my daughter’s address to send a package or card so it will be there after we drop her off.

    • Sarah says:

      Hello, Shannon. Please ask your daughter to log on to CedarInfo and click on the Student Life tab. She will be able to locate her box number there.

  • Shawna Geist says:

    We received this email at 3:02 on Tuesday, August 4, so our kids didn’t learn about the job fair until it was nearly over–and both are currently at their summer jobs. I’m not sure if others received the email so late or if this was an oversight. Please advise about what to do if students are interested in an on campus job but couldn’t attend the job fair today.

    • Sarah says:

      Hello, Shawna! We apologize for you receiving the email late. Please encourage your students to check their email daily. Important information is communicated there. There are plenty of on-campus jobs your children are still able to apply for. Only a couple departments participated in the virtual event, so you did not miss out. Please have your children review this list to review all of the student job listings. If your students has additional questions about student employment opportunities, please encourage them to contact the Student Employment Office: I hope this helps!

  • Concerned CU Parent says:

    I have some concerns that were not answered in the Staying well Caring well guide. How many isolation rooms does CU have? How many cases will it take for Cedarville to shut down and go online? Will students receive room and board refunds if we do have to shut down again?

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you for taking time to review the Caring Well. Staying Well. guide. We appreciate your questions. We have 36 isolation rooms (72 beds) in Faith Hall as well as two University-owned homes that could be used for isolation and/or quarantine spaces. We also expect that some students who live within a close driving distance would plan to isolate or quarantine at home, then return to campus when cleared by their physician. We will work closely with Greene County Public Health as we manage any cases and determine appropriate steps that may be required to mitigate spread. We are blessed to have very experienced leadership in University Medical Services and our campus safety areas, and they, along with our Residence Life team, have spent countless hours planning for multiple scenarios. Although not anticipated or expected, a decision about refunds — should another closure be required — would be made at that time.

  • Loren Reno says:

    I just watched the Jake Johnson video—very nicely done, Jake!…and then looked through the rest of this update. I have been watching through the summer, too. Your team has done a superb job pushing out info for and from the Cabinet, and I thank you. The written portions are exciting to read and show great care in editing and informing. Big thanks to your entire team. Your excellence reflects well on us all. Thank you.