August 31 Update: Chapel, COVID Town Hall, and Caring for Quarantined Students

August 31, 2020 |

“The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way; though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong, for the Lord upholds his hand.” (Psalm 37:23-24)

Good morning, we have passed the two-week mark of the semester and are praising the Lord for His gracious protection upon our campus community. While these first 14 days have been filled with adjustments and the need for a few quick fixes and adaptations of our plans, we have appreciated your feedback, flexibility, and patience at each turn. Thank you — students, faculty, and staff — for Caring Well as we’ve launched this unprecedented semester. Please continue to pray that God will grant us favor as we serve Him and care for one another.

Today’s weekly update includes:

  • This week in chapel
  • Today’s COVID-19 town hall
  • Caring for students in quarantine
  • How COVID is affecting human behavior
  • What students should do if they are ill “after hours”
  • Friendly mask reminders
  • COVID reporting
  • Getting Started sessions online

This Week in Chapel – Here’s what is planned for chapel this week. Parents, follow along with us via livestream at, CU Chapel+ app, or Facebook Live. Or, you can always access past chapels in our chapel archive. If you missed this morning’s outdoor chapel with Dr. White exhorting us that “The Gospel Overcomes,” please take time to view and stay caught up with the Know Jesus. Know Joy. series in Philippians.

Aug31-Sep4 Chapel Schedule

COVID-19 Town Hall This Afternoon – As we continue to witness how COVID-19 is affecting almost every area of our lives, Cedarville is hosting a town hall today that will examine COVID-19 from both a health and cultural perspective. Join two Cedarville experts — Dr. Zach Jenkins, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and infectious disease expert, and Dr. Mark Caleb Smith, Director of the Center for Political Studies — today, August 31, at 4 p.m. at or on Facebook Live. Be ready for an engaging and enlightening conversation, hosted by Mark Weinstein, our executive director of public relations.

Town Hall Ad

Caring for Students in Quarantine – While none of us wishes to quarantine a student or group of students while one of their friends/close contacts awaits a test result, it is a must to protect our students in this residential setting. Waiting to quarantine or isolate until after a confirmed case would put us behind the spread of infection, and the results to the greater community would be significant. Thankfully, in most situations, students are quarantined or isolated only two to three days while awaiting their test results (although we have recently seen a slow-down in the return of results due to an uptick in testing/new cases in the Dayton area). To date, only a small handful of students have had to isolate or quarantine the full 14-days, and all of them are now back to normal schedules, without issues. We are erring on the side of caution, and we understand that our approach brings short-term inconveniences. So, how are we caring for students who are in quarantine or isolation?

  • Our Residence Life team provides a “quarantine kit” to the quarantined or isolated student, which includes cleaning supplies, meals tickets, instructions, and hand-written notes of encouragement.
  • RDs, RAs, and upperclassmen have been volunteering to get meals for students who cannot leave their rooms. Most residence halls also have initiated sign-up sheets to assist the students with getting meals.
  • RDs and RAs have been asked to keep a close eye on students, especially freshmen still making friendships, to make sure no one falls through the cracks.
  • Any quarantined student who has concerns about meals should contact their RA or RD. They stand ready to help!

Our UMS and Residence Life teams are on the front lines of caring for our students and protecting our campus community. Consider sending a note to encourage and thank them for serving us all well in this COVID season.

Cedarville Faculty in the News: How Is Social Distancing Affecting Human Behavior? – There’s a new concern about how social distancing is affecting people as we walk through this COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Michael Sherr, Chair of Cedarville’s Department of Social Work, has addressed this topic with various local and national media outlets, including this Spectrum News 1 story in Charlotte, North Carolina. Listen as Dr. Sherr explores how COVID is affecting human behavior and emotional health.

Caring Well After Hours – Last Friday we reminded students what they should do if they begin feeling sick over the weekend or in the evenings when UMS is closed.

  • If you don’t have emergency symptoms, contact UMS at 937-766-7863 or or call a local urgent care as soon as they are open. Call first, and they will advise next steps.
  • If you have any doubt that you are not well enough to wait to see a doctor, dial 911 and EMS will respond, medically assess the situation, and transport to the ER if needed.

Friendly Mask Reminders – No one likes wearing a mask, but let’s make sure we are using and caring for them correctly so we can best protect ourselves and others. Here are some mask tips from the CDC to help us care well and stay well.

COVID Reporting – As announced last week, we are reporting daily the current count of undergraduate or graduate students who are enrolled in a residential program of study and are currently in isolation due to a lab-confirmed positive test on ourCOVID-19 Reporting dashboard. We believe this is the best indicator of campus containment of COVID-19 at Cedarville. We are so thankful for how God is protecting our students so far this semester. Please pray with us for His continued grace to us.

Getting Started Sessions Available Online – One last reminder that sessions from Getting Started Weekend are archived on the Getting Started website. If you missed any sessions, or just want to watch them again, check them out. Note that the full Getting Started new student program, the Jacket Jaunt, and the UMS presentation that had to be canceled on Saturday are all included in this archive.

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  • Coleen Birch says:

    I’ve been telling everyone this always and especially the last two ways since they’ve found cancer and are operating on my brain tomorrow. God is in control no matter what happens and he will bring good from it to others that aren’t walking close to God.God is ALWAYS good!

  • Alan Barinholtz says:

    How many reported cases of Covid as of September 1st is the school reporting ? Can you also break down that number by students and staff? Thank you

    • Sarah says:

      Hello, Alan. You may view the current numbers here. Although faculty and staff are required to follow Caring Well. Staying Well. protocols related to testing, self-quarantine, and isolation, they are not mandated to report this HIPAA-protected health information to the University as their employer.

  • Anonymous says:

    God is good and faithful to take care of our children and professors. praise the Lord.

  • Anonymous says:

    what amazing testimony you (Cedarville University) are to this world that is seeking answers that only One has. May our Lord continue to guide your paths, use you to growth His body, be a beacon, and bring Him the glory. Thank you CU (all of you people)!

  • Jill Vandermeij says:

    Thank you for working hard on the dining situation. I complained about the lines and social distancing but Cedarville staff worked hard to fix the situation. Thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    Appreciate your constant communication in all areas!

  • Anonymous says:

    There are a whole lot of reasons why we should NOT be wearing masks and the dangers that come with it. I hope that is being addressed also. Dr. Jim Meehen is a Doctor in many fields. If you Google him, you will hear of solid evidence he gives on this issue. Thanks 👍

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you for your feedback. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for our leaders as they are making decisions.

  • Jennifer Martin says:

    Great job Cedarville!! So encouraging to hear.