COVID-19 Update From the President

April 1, 2021 |

Please read below for a COVID-19 update from Cedarville’s President, Dr. Thomas White. This email was sent to the campus community earlier today.

Dear Cedarville Family,

We are almost there. We have just four weeks left. We have 18 days of classes, three days of finals, and some glorious graduation celebrations remaining. God has been gracious to us this semester in so many ways.

Even as we approach the finish line, we are seeing a concerning increase in the number of positive COVID cases on campus. To be fair, this spike is much like the numbers of the areas around us. Whether it is a more contagious strand of the virus, the warmer weather, COVID fatigue, the virus doing what these things tend to do, or whatever the cause, the data shows that our numbers have increased substantially over the past two weeks. Please allow me to encourage us all to remain vigilant in our efforts to prevent further spread of COVID.

Please wear a mask in areas where you should, maintain physical distance, gather with friends in the warmer weather outside, wash your hands frequently, clean your spaces regularly, and perform a personal wellness check each morning. If we all continue to practice proper personal responsibility during this home stretch, I am confident that by God’s grace, we will finish strong.

I am so thankful for all of you. Our faculty members continue to teach in person and through Zoom, making accommodations for students. Our staff members have completed additional duties as assigned all year long, including those who helped make meal deliveries possible. Our partners in Pioneer have created and executed new systems to create the proper supply chain for feeding our students. Our partners in cleaning our facilities have worked with increased diligence and frequency. Our UMS workers, Residence Life folks, and others on the frontlines have served above and beyond their normal hours, stress level, and workload. Our students have continued with joy and appreciation to love God and others while demonstrating integrity in conduct and excellence in effort. I am honored to serve on such a special campus filled with such amazing people. It’s a special grace of God for me to call you all friends, and to partner together with you in the ministry of Cedarville. I genuinely believe God has been pleased by your stewardship and service this year. Thank you.

Through COVID, God has taught us not to take anything for granted. The future is uncertain, but we rest assured in the One who holds the future. Therefore, let us continue to walk humbly with our God seeking to serve our Savior faithfully. Indeed, He is worthy. My prayer is that we will continue to stand firm together in unity for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ.

It is a great joy to serve King Jesus alongside all of you.

In Christ,

Thomas White
President and Professor of Theology

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  • Mark Kinser says:

    Thank you for all of your efforts in this battle with the coronavirus.

    The Governor of Ohio announced last week that the state will be trying to provide COVID-19 vaccinations for public and private colleges and universities before the end of the school year. Does Cedarville University have any plans to participate in this? Thank you!

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, we offered a clinic on campus hosted by Greene County Public Health for students, faculty, and staff.

  • Nathan Lee says:

    Thank you Dr. White for the reminder and encouragement. May you and all of Cedarville University’s staff and workers be blessed for all the faithful work you do in Christ.