Credit/No Credit

This page explains the option to take courses this spring for Credit/No Credit rather than for a letter grade. While this option is NOT for everyone and should be considered very carefully, it may be very helpful for some. You need to know the ramifications of this decision before you make it. Thus, we have crafted this page very carefully. Please consult with your advisor if you have any questions or concerns about this decision.

Do not pursue this option until you have determined the following:

  • Is this an option for me? (not recommended for College Now)
  • Do I need to consult with my advisor? (required for nursing and pharmacy; recommended for all others if there are questions)
  • How will this impact my program progression?
  • How will this impact my GPA?
  • How will this impact my graduate school or employment application?
  • Are any of these courses being paid for by an employer?

The information below will help you analyze these questions and assist you in making the best decision for you. Regardless of your decision, your coursework will continue as normal with you completing all assignments associated with your courses and receiving letter grades for them. Your professor will submit a letter grade at the end of the semester and that grade will be converted to CR/NC based on what you have earned if you have selected this path.

We understand that the transition to online this semester has been particularly difficult in many ways. As a result, we are making this option available to you. Please consider it carefully. The Registrar’s office will send out an email providing the process you must use if you choose the CR/NC option.

Credit/No Credit Information

In an attempt to be as supportive as possible during this challenging transition to distance learning, and amidst all the rest of the noise going on in your lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may choose to take any of your courses this semester for Credit/No Credit (CR/NC). We want to discuss what this means for you and provide some considerations you should weigh as you make this decision.

Basic Information:

  1. If you choose to pursue CR/NC instead of a letter grade, you must earn at least a C- in a major course or at least a D- in a general education course to receive a “Credit” (CR) designation on your transcript. If you do not, you will receive a “No Credit”(NC) on your transcript which means you will need to repeat the course if it is required for your degree.
  2. If you choose to pursue CR/NC instead of a letter grade, there will be no impact on your cumulative GPA from those courses that are taken as CR/NC. This is a two-edged sword, however. While you have the potential benefit of not having your GPA go down due to a lower grade such as a “C-,“ you also lose the opportunity to improve your GPA when you earn a “Credit” score for a course.
  3. You may select any of your spring semester courses to take as CR/NC. You may take some courses for a letter grade and some for CR/NC if you desire, or you can take all of them for a letter grade.
  4. You must submit your decision to take courses as CR/NC by April 24th at 5:00pm. This is the Friday prior to finals week. Be watching for an e-mail from the registrar’s office with instructions for requesting CR/NC grading for one or more of your courses for Spring 2020.

Important Considerations:

  1. The GPA requirement for renewal of Cedarville University academic scholarships is being suspended for this year. That suspension is for this year only and is not impacted one way or the other by your decision to take a course as CR/NC. This suspension applies ONLY to Cedarville University academic scholarships. For questions about potential impact on any other scholarships or financial aid, please consult with the Financial Aid Office.
  2. Some graduate schools and employers do not consider courses taken as CR/NC as meeting their standards. It is very important that you consult with your advisor prior to making the decision to take a major course CR/NC in the professional fields so that you know the potential ramifications of your decision. You will not be able to change course grades from “Credit” to a letter grade after the semester grades are recorded.
  3. Graduate students who are having their tuition paid by their employer should review their employer’s policies on courses taken CR/NC. Some employers do not pay for courses taken CR/NC.
  4. If you were in the process of trying to raise your GPA for admission to a program or for progression in a program here at Cedarville, you need to weigh this decision very carefully. We recommend you make it only after consulting your advisor.
  5. Exception for Students in Nursing and Pharmacy: Your respective Deans will communicate particular guidelines that need to be maintained due to accreditation and licensing requirements. In short, you must consult with your advisor to determine whether taking a course as CR/NC is an option for you.
  6. College Now and College Credit Plus students should consult their College Now Advisor if they wish to take a course CR/NC.
  7. As a general reminder, we have extended the deadline for withdrawing from courses with a “W” on the transcript this semester until April 3rd. There will be no withdrawal period using the “WF” and “WP” designations. We are well past the refund time period, however, so bear that in mind. There will be no withdrawals after April 3.