Spring Semester 2020 Move-Out Plan

Last Update: April 9, 2020

For those who are currently impacted by state or military travel restrictions and are concerned you will not be able to come to campus by May 2, please communicate your circumstances with the Residence Life office in the weeks ahead and we will seek to accommodate you. The circumstances surrounding COVID-19 continue to change rapidly and we will provide updates to the move out plan as needed on this page.

Although this is not the plan we would have chosen, we are trusting in God’s sovereignty.

We have developed a thorough move-out plan for you to follow. For safety and efficiency, we are limiting the number of students who can return to campus at one time.

You will need to select a specific date and time through our online sign-up below. Please be sure to read each step carefully. We will need to adhere to this plan in order to not tax our limited personnel on campus and to keep appropriate social distancing. We understand that you will want to see friends, but you will have limited time in the residence halls, and we want to minimize any form of social gathering as much as possible as a measure of wisdom and discernment and for the well-being of our campus community.

Move-Out Schedule

To make the move out process as efficient and safe as possible for our students, we are scheduling move-out dates over a four-week period, with limited spots available for each date.

Week 1: March 20-27, 2020
Week 2: March 30-April 4, 2020
Week 3: April 13-18, 2020
Week 4: April 27-May 2, 2020
Week 5: May 11-16, 2020
Week 6: May 25-30, 2020

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Move-Out Process

You will sign up for a move-out time through the link above. Please keep the following in mind when planning your move out day.

  • You must follow all move-out procedures (below).
  • You are only permitted to access the residence halls during your selected move-out time.
  • You are only able to bring 2 additional guests with you to assist with move out.

Move-Out Procedures

  1. Sign up for a move out time through the online system
  2. Go directly to your residence hall upon arriving on campus for your confirmed time. Your Resident Director will have a list of each student’s selected date/time.
  3. Wash your hands in restroom immediately upon entering the building.
  4. Clean all furniture and return it to its original position. Furniture must be left against the walls (beds can be bunked or left unbunked, but not in front of the windows).
  5. Clean and remove all personal items and trash from spaces you are responsible for, including your room, hallway, bathroom, hall/unit lounges, and laundry room.
  6. Ensure the following items are completed (standard check-out fine system applies):
    • All personal items removed from all areas of the residence hall (including laundry room).
    • All trash taken to outdoor dumpsters (not to be left anywhere else in the residence hall).
    • Beds (not in front of windows) and furniture moved to original places.
    • Wardrobe/desk/dresser be emptied, cleaned/wiped down, and drawers left OPEN.
    • All surfaces wiped down (closet shelves, desks, bed frames, window sill, etc.).
    • Blinds shut and windows locked.
    • Floors vacuumed.
    • Door shut and locked.
  7. Return your room key to the drop box in the lounge. Envelopes are provided. Please write your name/ID/room number on the envelope and place in the box.
  8. Depart campus at or before the end of your assigned shift.


Please review answers to Move Out Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a specific question, contact the Residence Life Office or your Resident Director. We are here to assist you.

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