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May God’s Favor Rest Upon You

Dear Cedarville Family,

Thank you for your service to Cedarville University and God’s Kingdom. Outsiders may think something else makes this place special, but we know that Cedarville can only be explained by God and the people He has called to serve here. Without every one of you, Cedarville would not be the place it is. Without faculty and staff who care more about investing into the lives of people and not just receiving a paycheck, this would just be another institution open for business. No matter how creative our strategic plan or how efficient our business plan may be, our University will only be as strong as the people serving in every position at the institution. The Cabinet understands this and values each and every one of you.

During the upcoming holidays, I pray that you will have time to rest, refresh, and reflect. I pray you find rest for weary souls and spirits tired from the busy season of the semester. I pray you find refreshment for the task that lies ahead. I pray that you have time to reflect upon our Savior and the grace extended to us through the Gospel. I will especially be praying for those who have lost loved ones or who are going through trying medical situations with family. May God comfort you and sustain you through days where questions or sadness fill your mind.

I pray that God will give you sweet rest, prosper your way, and provide you with the opportunity to make cherished memories — that God’s favor will rest upon you and that He will establish your steps before you, and that you may feel His presence and His steady hand leading you each day. I pray that God will grant blessings upon you for your service to His Kingdom and to those around you. May the Lord keep you and cause His face to shine upon you during this holiday season, and may you know that you are cherished and loved by your Cedarville Family.

Steadfast in Christ,

Thomas White

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