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Enhancing the Cedarville University Brand

As we move ever closer to wrapping up another academic year, I want to make you aware of two changes that may happen before we assemble again next fall.


The Hive

Did you know that yellow jackets do not live in, create, or even eat lunch in a Hive?

It’s true. We double checked. They build nests. And given that we’re an institution of higher learning which has world-class scientists teaching for us, it only makes sense to match the insect to its proper living quarters, if that’s how we choose to rename The Hive. After all, everything communicates something—from our entryways off Main Street, the signs on our buildings, the look and feel of our online presence, and yes, even the name of where we eat on any given day.

That’s why you see companies like Disney go through such painstaking effort to be intentional about everything they do. Have you ever noticed that Disney designs trash cans with the theme of each area, includes peanuts in the concrete of Storybook Circus, uses accurate architecture for each time period, and even has a Mickey Mouse logo in the center of the manhole covers? No detail is too small. Certainly if Walt Disney understood the significance of being excellent in all things, we can do the same and more as we call for “Excellence in Effort” in the very building in which The Hive is found.

So this summer as The Hive receives a major renovation and expansion—think Piada meets Starbucks, we are looking for help in finding a new name, preferably one that is scientifically accurate. The name doesn’t have to be related to Yellow Jackets. Anything that makes sense for Cedarville University will be considered. We want your creative input on what the new café/grill/gathering place will be called. We have created a website to collect ideas: cedarville.edu/NameTheHive.



Our Marketing and Communications division is currently working with an outside professional on developing a new Cedarville University logo. Our current logo is a column with a sun burst coming out of the top. That logo fit when our motto was “Inspiring Greatness.”

Now we use the historic motto, “For the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ.” Our existing logo understates our Christian foundation, and because of that, it will not work moving forward. While there are three crosses in the background of the column, the rounded tops make those crosses so understated that the majority of people will never notice them.

As we work toward a new website, perhaps we can land on a new logo that better represents our focus on the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. Whether that logo is a variation of the existing one or something completely different does not matter to me. I desire that we be clear in who we are as a University unapologetically for the Gospel.

As we continuously look for ways to improve Cedarville University, please join me in praying for wisdom with both of these potential changes.


In Christ Alone,

Dr. Thomas White
Cedarville University President

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